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    Internet Explorer needs to die in the face! Help me do it!

    That process is not Internet Explorer (lowercase iexplore); it is a virus. See http://www.jimmyr.com/blog/IEXPLORE_EXE_Virus_230_2006.php .
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    openCanvas 1.1 - Draw With Others

    Well, here's a quick tutorial. Hopefully, it helps. :D
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    openCanvas 1.1 - Draw With Others

    I can whip up some oC hosting/connecting tutes with pictures when I get back this evening. I love oC'ing. :D (Though it can be buggy at times.)
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    The Stick Figure battle thread

    Painter oils for the hair and face. Photoshop for everything else (ie., adding texture to the sweater; I think it got jpeg'ed out). It's a pain to decide which one to use. :D
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    The Stick Figure battle thread

    Colored, but gave up halfway through. :D
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    Random Hobby question

    Mostly, I look around for new things to learn. :D Sometimes new things push knowledge of old things out; that's a bad thing. o_O
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    Best beverage you ever had?

    Alcoholic: A properly prepared smooth Long Island Iced Tea, or a similarly smooth Yellow Bird. Non-alcoholic: Sparkling Cider, or almost anything with bubbles. I have a weakness for bubbles. The finer the bubbles the better. :D
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    Movies that destoyed part of your soul

    The only movie that I ever wanted to walk out on/fall asleep in (and I've seen a lot of bad movies): Van Helsing. Where were... any of the elements of plot and/or compelling characters?
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    To widescreen or to not widescreen

    I love my widescreen monitor and the aspect ratio out of aesthetic reasons, as well as having more space to store menus and pads while I work on art. For games that don't support widescreen modes, I just turn on centered timings, so that they don't get stretched (they are displayed in the center...
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    *** 2007 FurAffinity New Year Party Thread ***

    Happy New Year, everyone! Would have said it at local midnight, but at that time, I was sound asleep. :)
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    Looks like I'm brethren with the heathen scrawlers. :D From astro class: From about 2 seconds ago: yes, I'm moebius_w. Permanently reverted back to my oldest nick for the new year. PPS: And now for a demonstration of extreme laziness: I just realized that I wrote 2006 instead of 2007, but I'm...
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    Adobe actually listened to us!

    Free lossless rotation of the canvas, as you would a piece of paper, in order to make more natural strokes. Painter has had this implemented for some time. Photoshop can rotate the canvas in a roundabout way, but it's not lossless. See...
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    Vodka, wine, Jaegermeister, champagne, and a few mixed drinks I enjoy if I'm out in a nice restaurant with friends or during a celebratory occasion. If at home with friends, I'll settle for a Smirnoff wine cooler, but other than those, I don't really like other types of alcoholic beverages. I've...
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    "Furry" Comics Online :3

    Fur Will Fly -- comic ended so you can read the whole story.
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    What's Your Haul?

    My missing Farscape DVDs FTW! I also got the better half her missing Star Trek DVDs; Paramount finally released the animated series, featuring M'Ress, probably the first serious furry anthropomorphic on television! In other news, I also got: 2 blood red silk shirt and tie combos, from separate...