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  1. Moka

    (How) Has furry changed you?

    Definitely changed me for the better. - I've made a bunch of awesome friends. - It's given me something to look forward to away from school/work. - It helped me discover things that I didn't know about myself, including that I'm not straight. - I'm just happier in general. Heh, that...
  2. Moka

    fur con?

    This might help you out: http://greenreaper.co.uk/wikifur/ConventionMap.html My Internet connection is really flakey so I can't get it to load completely right now. It should work fine for you, though.
  3. Moka

    good bye...

    Regardless of whether you stay or go, I enjoyed reading your posts. (Your avatar is cute, too.) At the very least, stop in to say hi occasionally.
  4. Moka

    What species are you? *improved poll*

    Raccoon, so small mammal.
  5. Moka

    eHarmony creates same-sex service

    Says who? In my experience, many ultra-religious people are more than willing to infringe upon the rights of others whose belief systems don't align with their own. I wouldn't call that "more likely to have values". If you need examples, let me know. History has no lack of them. Let's...
  6. Moka

    Anyone in san francisco

    It's San Francisco. Just about anywhere you go will be good. :) Anything in particular you're looking for? If you're just looking for general recommendations, there's a German restaurant I'm fond of called Suppenküche, which is on Hayes and Laguna.
  7. Moka

    Coming Out: The Thread

    It went well. It actually turned out to be one of those "oh, that's all?" type of conversations. I've actually found the next day that after talking it over with somebody, even one person (not to mention posting here), I felt tons better. Though, there's still a few things that make me...
  8. Moka

    racoon coalition

    I'm a raccoon.
  9. Moka

    Tell Me Please!?!

    My first con was FC in January. It was awesome. Absolutely awesome. As far as problems, the only one I had was right after I arried when I managed to lock my keys in my car, with my lights on. >_< Disappointment: Having to sit through eons of hula dancing to get a good seat for FNL...
  10. Moka

    Coming Out: The Thread

    So, a couple months ago I mentioned that I wasn't really sure what I was, and that I've never been attracted to anyone. I've been doing some searching, and a lot has happened since then... When I actually looked around and tried to consider people as potential partners rather than as just...
  11. Moka

    What would you do if you were at a wedding...

    Um, run for the nearest fire extinguisher and try to put the fire out.
  12. Moka

    Internet Social Group Survey: FA

    Looking over the results, there's nothing too surprising on there. The sample size is a bit small though, considering the number of furs who post here. Okay, who listed "strongly agree" for "I enjoy mornings"? >:(
  13. Moka

    How do you shower?

    Both equally. My back is to the water when I'm applying soap, then I turn to face the water when I'm ready to rinse it off. (Other way around when I'm washing my back, of course.)
  14. Moka


    I usually get 6-7 hours on weekdays. I need 9 to actually feel rested. On the weekends, I'll easily sleep for 12 or 13 hours.
  15. Moka

    Free Karma Contest!

    Hm, this is an interesting idea. I'm in.