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  1. Mokkeo

    (Commission) Selling: Needle felt doll commissions 200$+

    Not yet! I have to yet still make a commission sheet, I hope so too I want to make unique fursona into dolls!
  2. Mokkeo

    myy handmade needle felt dolls

    Thank you! And yes!
  3. Mokkeo

    Snowy deer felt doll

    Finished a cute baby snow deer!
  4. Mokkeo

    I'm hosting a raffle on twitter!

    I'm hosting a raffle on twitter, Twitter users only so you can only enter using twitter UwU
  5. Mokkeo

    Christmas themed cramps felt doll finished!

    im so happy with her result, I sent her off to her new home, another one of her will be made in the soon future as well! I created her so that more will be made and bought to new homes she's not an adoptable, she's a doll