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  1. moko

    what do you look for in a livestream?

    as an artist, i enjoy the banter and interacting with friends and fans alike, i just find it hard to get enough people in for a decent sized chat lol oh, and i can't get picarto to work!!! i'm so frustrated! the site seems so cool ;;
  2. moko

    what do you look for in a livestream?

    i just joined picarto, gonna see how i like that tonight!
  3. moko

    what do you look for in a livestream?

    i agree with the join.me thing. i enjoy it well enough, but i'm still looking around. i'm trying to also figure out the movie/picture-in-picture thing. i've only seen it like once or twice... it must be a copyright violation for sure, lol, still fun though!
  4. moko

    Creepy little shits.

    bless you OP, for ripping them a new one.
  5. moko

    what do you look for in a livestream?

    so, i do livestreams of my drawings sometimes and sometimes i like to watch others for a while. i saw some today that had different elements, like talking from the artist or music playing. so when you watch, or host streams, what do you look for other than the art? do you prefer chats? music...
  6. moko

    FangCon anyone?

    I think I might be going as well! My first furry con too! AAAA! I'm so excited!
  7. moko

    Convention Schedules

    i'm so happy to find a current list! i want to make it to my first fur con by this time next year!
  8. moko

    Stories about wearing tails or stuff like that in public? Tell them here!

    a friend and i were stopping at some fast food restaurant after a ren faire, where we bought some fox tails. some young girls seemed really happy to see tails, thought it was cool, but their parents looked at us weird. once at work (i work in a REALLY casual restaurant) someone dared me to wear...
  9. moko

    What have you submitted to FA recently?

    http://www.furaffinity.net/view/14811092/ just finished a $5 headshot!
  10. moko

    digital headshots! done by midnight! only $5! 3 slots!

    last time i tried this, the forums got DDOS'd. hopefully not this time lol. HI my name is moko and i'm open for commissions! right now i'm offering digital headshots for $5 done by midnight! see examples: post a comment with your character ref and the style you want or send me a note here...
  11. moko

    Looking for ACEO/ATCs

    hey there! i do real media aceos for $10 including shipping to the US. i use copic markers and prismas. you can see my furry style in my gallery here: http://www.furaffinity.net/gallery/moko/ OR some aceo specific commissions i've done on dA here...
  12. moko

    hiyeeee nice to meet you too!

    hiyeeee nice to meet you too!
  13. moko

    just joined the forums~

    lol i guess its a good time to join the forums while the site is down!
  14. moko

    just joined the forums~

    thanks! your icon makes me smile!