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    Thank you, sir!

    Thank you, sir!
  2. Monocled Unicorn

    Stereotypes of Your State (Or Country/Territory)

    Everyone is inbred. (There are actually small sections of inbred population, it's pretty terrifying) There are only 100 people in the state. "What is internet?" "Huntin'." (That one is accurate)
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    Room/dorm mate horror stories

    Back in my Sophomore year of college, I was staying in a dorm that was specifically for Sophomores. One of three roommates I had for a brief time was a Chinese foreign exchange student--I believe his 'English name' was Alex, although I'm not 100% certain on that. Anyway, Alex was a bit...
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    things you just dont understand

    The way I know I want to seriously learn a champ is if I am interested enough to purchase a skin for them. On topic: I'll never understand why people wait until the very last minute to do any holiday shopping. It never fails.
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    Your Christmas Haul 2013

    Going to be hooking that into a Motorola lapdock? :P On topic: My two favorite gifts thus far are from Miss Athyr (as cheesy as it sounds): The first is a sculpture she made for me, I'm going to string it and wear it around my neck...
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    Ref Sheet - Ahvriere, the Gentlemanly Unicorn ($80 Budget)

    Good morning/evening, ladies and gentlemen: After several years, I'm ready to have my fursona brought to life! My budget is $80 for this particular commission, although I have others in mind at a future date. I'm looking for 3-4 poses and 3-4 head shots with expressions, and the reference sheet...
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    Anyone meditate?

    Meditation is a wonderful experience once you find your own personal center and place of peace. I've done it for years through tumultuous times, but even when things are very positive it still serves as a good outlet for reflecting on yourself. I definitely recommend giving it a try to those who...
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    Flight/Booking Advice

    Hello all, I'm looking into booking a flight from Little Rock, AR to an airport near Flanders, NJ so that miss Athyr and I can see each other. We still have a little bit of money left to save, but I have not flown in many years and I also have not booked my own flight before, nor have I flown...
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    Offline, who has given you shit for being a fur?

    I've never really gotten much flak for being a furry, outside a few lighthearted jokes here and there. Most people know through one way or another, but I'm not very blatant about it, and I usually won't say anything about it without being asked. That being said, I have two friends in particular...
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    Men With Beards

    Honestly? When I first grew a beard, I was kind of skeptical. I had always been clean-shaven--but once I grew one out, I can't shave it off. I look too baby-faced without one (17 ballpark estimate, I'm actually 21) and I look way older if I grow it out. Not really a whole lot of styling...
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    *faceplants the ground* Oh, hi there x.x

    *faceplants the ground* Oh, hi there x.x
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    I know you're off for the night but I wanted to give you a poke :P *poke*

    I know you're off for the night but I wanted to give you a poke :P *poke*
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    21st in 8 days....

    I'd hate it too, Gibbs. On topic: If you are feeling depressed or pressured because you're turning 21, don't. Seriously--It's your birthday, and it's a good one at that. You don't have to drink if you don't enjoy it, it's just what a lot of people do because it's the first time you can buy a...
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    You're right, I do like a good cuddle. :)

    You're right, I do like a good cuddle. :)
  15. Monocled Unicorn

    I suppose that's the only way I'll manage to survive :V

    I suppose that's the only way I'll manage to survive :V