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    (Commission) Selling: ★Digital Art Commission {SFW & NSFW} 5$ - 60$ USD★

    Don't mind me, jus' posting so I can keep track o' this in the long run, when I can get a commish set up. I like what you've got up for grabs, here! Affordable prices, simple but appealing art style. Paint me interested!
  2. Moobutt

    Hiring: [CLOSED] Looking for artists for an icon pack!

    And just like that, I've gotta close this thread up! Lots of people to consider here, currently and for future commitments, so I'm glad to see the excitement to work is there, as it certainly won't be my last time commissioning folks here. I've already found a person to work with, so here's to...
  3. Moobutt

    Hiring: [CLOSED] Looking for artists for an icon pack!

    Howdy doodly, folks o' the FA forums! I've come once more, for better or for worse, to give upon the masses an opportunity to make a quick buck or two. Perhaps not as much as my previous offers (I do have a closed thread for regular art pieces up which I come back to on occasion) but still, I...
  4. Moobutt

    [CLOSED] [NSFW] In a need for affordable artist

    And just like that, I return to the depths once more, after having found the artist I was looking for! Sorry to the new applicants, if you didn't get a PM from me; I wish I had more money to commission from you all, but alas, my budget is kind of limited! D: Still, thanks for at least...
  5. Moobutt

    [CLOSED] [NSFW] In a need for affordable artist

    Heads up, everyone! This bad boy's bein' opened up, yet again! Budget oughta be a little bit around the same area, and this time, I'm also looking for someone to provide me with a set of icons, for future reference. As was the case last time, not only am I gonna try 'n look for a shot at an...
  6. Moobutt

    [CLOSED] [NSFW] In a need for affordable artist

    And thus, all my budget opportunities have been exhausted for now! I've sent PMs to the parties I'm interested in for this round, so I would like to humbly apologize if you didn't get one! :< But thank you so much, everyone, for all of your intrigue in wanting to draw my wonderful lil' bundle of...
  7. Moobutt

    [CLOSED] [NSFW] In a need for affordable artist

    Oh my freaky lord, I'd received one or two emails about the matter while I was away in college, but... I hadn't noticed just how many of you there were, gosh! I'm currently reviewing each and every one of you, and will probably approach through PMs, but thanks to everyone who's so interested in...
  8. Moobutt

    [CLOSED] [NSFW] In a need for affordable artist

    G'day, denizens of the FA forums! This is probably... My second time posting? Not too sure. Anyways! I'll cut right to the chase. In the process of fetching myself some bucks, I reckon my budget'll be somewhere around the $40s, so, here's your chance to make a quick buck! Provided you're okay...
  9. Moobutt

    New artist- taking commissions! 9-15$ + YCH

    I like what I'm seeing here- No money to offer now, but I'd love to get a commish when there's pay to warrant it around the next week or so!
  10. Moobutt

    Taking requests... Again. *sigh*

    I've got no character to offer up just yet due to your current criteria, but I wanted to chime in and say I really like what I'm seein' here! I might be into the idea of commissioning a piece from ya one o' these days I can afford it!
  11. Moobutt

    (Commission) Selling: ✧ Cloaca's Permashop - Cutesie Art (and crafts)from $5-$25 for All! (07/24 update, new examples✧

    I miiiiiiiight be lookin' to shell a few bucks out for one of these. I like these soft-looking characters! Do I just send you a PM, or something like that? I-I'm new to this whole commissioning thing on FA-