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  1. Moon-Baby

    Moon furs around here?

    *looks at name* Hay.
  2. Moon-Baby

    Starfox, Starwolf, which is hotter?

    Foxes always bottom to wolves. :P
  3. Moon-Baby

    How can you be a democrat?

    I registered Republican so I could Vote in a primary to vote against somebody I really didn't like. So I'm technically not Democrat. In my opinion, both parties can bite me. They spend so much time fighting each other that they don't actually get anything worthwhile done. And rofl @ the...
  4. Moon-Baby

    Jesus' tomb *ghostly "oooOOOooo!"*

    I thought his actual name wasn't "Jesus Christ", but something like Yeshua bin Mirriam...or something. That could just be from some unrelated crap though.....
  5. Moon-Baby

    "You lose SAN."

    I've already lost all my SAN years ago.
  6. Moon-Baby

    Britney goes bald

    She actually has cancer. That's the real reason she's bald.
  7. Moon-Baby

    School time With Furaffinity

    My county blocks it under "Arts and Entertainment" They also block Furtopia's forums as being adult, when those are kept clean(except 3 forums that need a login to view it), but allow me into the artists sites. I can see furry porn, but I can't talk to people....
  8. Moon-Baby


    I have 2. One is a standard pet collar, and the other is a punk looking one with spikes and tags. The pet collar used to belong to my dog, and I'll wear them both together to remember him.
  9. Moon-Baby

    Fursuit views

    I saw the videos on youtube. Those guys are awesome.
  10. Moon-Baby

    FA Down?

  11. Moon-Baby

    So, what are you going to be doing on lovers day?

    I am going to do...... ...absolutely nothing. /wrists :(
  12. Moon-Baby

    FA Down?

    It was Al Qaeda. Those bastards. I can deal with not having the site up for a while, just so long as everything is safe and work is being done to get stuff back up and running. Probably not, from personal experience. This one forum I go to was getting hacked nearly every week just because...
  13. Moon-Baby

    I need to learn how to fight

    Kick to the crotch. It always works, unless they're female. Even then, that would hurt. Screw honor and showboating in a fight. Fight to win, and end it as quick as possible.
  14. Moon-Baby


    "you have been eaten by a Grue" DAMNIT!!
  15. Moon-Baby

    Favorite Mythologic Creatures?

    Isn't that....kinda the point of a satyr? :wink: The Werewolf. (They're better than vampires. >_> :twisted: )