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My Fursona:

Name: Moondog
Age: 21
Sex: Male
Species: Wolf
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 235lbs

Ref: www.furaffinity.net: Moondog full body ref by Tatsuchan18 by TheeMoondoggy
www.furaffinity.net: Moondog by Tamaj by TheeMoondoggy

- Hair and fur: Face is white, connecting to the front, left and right of neck which is also white. Chest is white with it narrowing as it gets to his hips, to the groin, inner thighs to almost the knees, following the underside of his tail. All of his paws are white except his left foot which is black. The rest of him is grey. (Grey wolf... I know not very original) His hair is very short, hardly ever styled, very military-ish.
- Markings: Celtic trinity on left pec, tribal dragon tattoo on neck (tail starts on left shoulder and goes halfway up the neck, wraps around the back of neck, head is on left/front-ish of neck). Has a small 'V' shaped nick out of the left side of his left ear.
- Eye color: Forest Green
- Body: Toned, killer abs yo lol XD

-Behavior and Personality: Friendly, energetic, sarcastic at times, pretty level headed. Likes to let loose every now and again. Adrenaline junkie. Brave. Loving of those that are close.

-Skills: Decent marksman and limited Boxing experience.
-Weaknesses: Reckless, angered easily if masculinity is insulted, ruthless at times, stubborn.

-Likes: Junk food, adventure, sex, physical fighting, treasure.
-Dislikes: Intolerance, lying, mushrooms, drugs.

-History: Had a normal childhood, longed for adventure and to be a superhero. After a short stay at a university, Moondog left to find that adventure and freedom. After traveling around he fought briefly in cage fights to make quick cash. One night after a fight, he was approached by a professor looking for security for an expedition. Moondog excitedly accepted. After his first adventure, with a pocket full of gold and a recommendation from the professor, he started out to find similar adventure!

-Clothing/Personal Style: Wears very practical clothing. Normal clothing: Cargo khaki pants, combat boots, blue tank top, white collared shirt (open with sleeves rolled up), and black athletic boxers

-Goal: Freedom to do whatever
-Profession: Mercenary, adventurer (something close to either of those)
-Personal quote: "Rather live a short, good life than a long, boring one."
-Birthdate: July 16th
-Star sign: Cancer

-Favorite food: Fish and Chips
-Favorite drink: (non-alcohol): Tea (alcoholic) Whiskey
-Favorite location: Large forest
-Favorite weather: Rain or Light Snow
-Favorite color: Green

-Significant other: N/A
-Orientation: Bisexual (Male pref)

New to the fandom and looking for friends :3
Jul 16, 1994 (Age: 27)
Michigan, USA
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