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    Browse feature (is forgetful)

    I will look forward to it. As it is now, I can only browse once in a blue moon. I can't dig deep.
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    Browse feature (is forgetful)

    I go in, I set all the settings for the types of pics I want to browse, and I browse them... then I click "next" and all of the settings are reset. Can we make it so that the browse feature remembers browse filters and settings so that we can browse more than a grand total of 64 pictures...
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    Having problems staying logged in? Please post here.

    I use Windows XP, Roadrunner, and Firefox. I'm also having the issues of being logged out continuously.
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    Account Importing Problem

    When I try to import it gives me info about my account but doesn't import anything from old. It did manage to change my password for me though, to my old FA password, which I didn't realize to try until I got a lucky guess that maybe that was what happened. I am also having the issues...
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    Just came across something.

    That is exactly what is happening to me. :(
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    FA's New Mascot, Fender

    I dare you to try to please everyone. :D :lol:
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    I hear it's back up now... but...

    I can see by the topics that there have been some troubles getting FA back up. These things always seem to happen. I'm worried about something though. At the moment, people are saying that FA is back up and running. This seems to suggest that the problems have been fixed? When I try to go...