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    www.furaffinity.net: FREE ISERAFI MYO EVENT OPEN by Moonlit_Afterdark If anyone was interested in some fluffy new characters for the holidays!
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    Horror-Themed Adoptables

    Collaborated with the supernatural/ horror comic Foxes with Machine Guns coming out on the 31st to make these three Iserafi! $10 each via PayPal. Zane- OPEN ren- OPEN oni- OPEN
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    Weird hobbies

    Hermit Crabs. I love them. Recently got a 50 gallon tank to put them in, but still need 4 more inches of sand and substrate and to get the littlest one, Tarquin, to get out of her molting stage so I can move them all over. I also consider designing characters a hobby, though I don't consider...
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    What grosses you out?

    Children eating. You know, toddlers, how they eat and it's so messy and they make so much noise and don't close their mouths? I literally can't sit around my nieces/nephews while they eat. It triggers my gag reflex something awful...
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    What Are You Scared of?

    I'm afraid my depression will come back and the six years its taken me to crawl out of hell will have all been for nothing I'm also not a fan of the dark, children/pregnancy (it reminds me too much of a parasite >.>) and parasites. Parasites especially, because I found one in the cafeteria food...
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    Your drawing playlists/favorite art working music

    I like listening to audio books, to be honest, or science documentaries. Most of the time the voices are very soothing, and I like learning things as I'm working; keeps me fresh!
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    Hello from the most generic fox you'll ever meet

    Haha gee, thanks, I'll keep that in mind. thank you! I think I'll keep myself firmly below the arctic circle and scream at every snowflake from the comfort of the heated indoors. And thank you to everyone for welcoming me.
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    What's your job?

    I work as a copywriter right now, but unfortunately due to the area I live in, writing jobs are... Not viewed as necessary, which is highly unfortunate considering no one in this state could write their way out of a paper bag. Alright that's a little harsh, but it is frustrating not being able...
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    Favourite Cartoons

    My favorite cartoons? Ohhh, tough. Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha was a big part of my childhood, so that right there would have to be my favorite. Madoka Magica was the first anime I watched with my sister so that one has good memories too. Watership Dpwn, both movie and show? I love them. They...
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    Hey there

    Hey, it's fair you can't find something that you like. It took me a while to find a character I connected with at all. I created several fursonas over the years but only recently have I actually settled on one.
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    Welcome! I'm new, too! I don't get to see many bird characters, what bird are you?
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    Hello from the most generic fox you'll ever meet

    Hey, I'm Ash. I'm from the United States, I go by they/them, I'm 23, and I work as a copywriter. Though I've been in the furry game for a few years, I remade my account and am trying something new. I'm shy and a little foolish, but I'm trying to reach out to others in the fandom and meet people...
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    Wow I made this a long time ago! My new account is actually Moonlit_Afterdark, haha!

    Wow I made this a long time ago! My new account is actually Moonlit_Afterdark, haha!
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    I'm raffling a character for free!

    She's a closed species called an Iserafi, and if you want a chance to get her for free, all you have to do is watch me and comment here: www.furaffinity.net: FREE Iserafi Raffle Reminder-Win this character! by Moonlit_Afterdark