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    Antrocon 2019 Looking for roommates

    Anyone going to AC and needs a room? www.furaffinity.net: ANTHROCON -- morpheuskibbe's Journal Drop me a line please. I'm a regular attendee and would like to split the hotel bill a bit.
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    Redirecting (Click gere you won a prize!) Upon entering FA.

    This has happened multiple times to me. once it redirected to a site that said i had a virus and spawned a bunch of pop ups to prevent me from closing the tab. so ya FA redirected to an attack site.
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    in comment code.

    main site. here there are handy dandy buttons
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    FOLDERS. i figure this has been mentioned a thousand times but its getting increasingly annoying to find tings even in my own gallery with its increasing size. it would be nice to make sub-folders for stories / commissioned stuff etc.
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    in comment code.

    i looked around a bit but honestly im not sure exactly what to search for to find what im looking for. is there a list or how to anywhere on how to do things like make links and such? i know that :icon<whomever>: or :<whomever>icon: make little clickables. but how do you do that for general...
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    Slower than ever?

    wasn't this an upgrade? is the slow down just till things settle in or is it going to last awhile?