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    World Of Warcraft Char Names and Servers

    Polow - Arygos just started, only real char haha. Rogue.
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    Fatal Frame/Project Zero...

    Every few nightse and my friend ( also a furry ) broadcast on Justin.tv/mrfabulous. We're currently on fatal frame three and our third member is working o getting fatal frame four. We'll see how that goes. Anyway, you guys should come watch! Make an account and subscribe to get alerts. Or check...
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    Just got into WoW a little while ago. I feel like once I get 80, I'm gonna lose interest.
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    The most f*cked up videogame cutscenes

    Most fucked up? Any Cutscene from No More Heroes 1 or 2. This is a game where you shit to save.
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    Steam Username List

    URL Is http://steamcommunity.com/id/Mosessupposes/edit/profile but the name is Nomad (FoX)
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    It's been three days!

    Dawww, everybody's so friendly! :D I like it here.
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    It's been three days!

    Hello FA. Call me Ash :). To give you an idea of myself, let me just say that this page has been up on my computer for three days and I never posted this thread. Go me >.<. Anyway, hai :3 I need friends here D: