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  1. moutymoo

    Looking for people who want to take their art to the next level

    We can give anatomy tips and art tips in general, there are a few of us that know some 3D stuff so we might be able to do smth ;)
  2. moutymoo

    Looking for people who want to take their art to the next level

    I'd love to be a part of this too ! here's my DA !
  3. moutymoo

    you're welcome dude ;)

    you're welcome dude ;)
  4. moutymoo

    Critique: Dynamic Lighting

    Hey ! looks good honestly but I think it'll look even better with sharper lights and a bit more ambiant light ( the kinda blue tinge you got going on the left hand, tail and dress ). Overall, it's a really nice piece !
  5. moutymoo

    Game:reply to the person above you in your/another language

    Non etiam lingua Hispaniam for [ I too, don't speak the Hispanic language ]
  6. moutymoo

    Looking for some constructive criticism!

    Hello ! I like your style, its very colorful and bright and give off nice vibes! Here's some things I noticed and that you could try and improve : - The first one has her left forearm a bit longer than the other and the hands look flat and a bit wonky. Also her snout/ nose is kinda crooked...
  7. moutymoo

    What are you listerning to?

    Found myself listening to classical music a lot recently and came across this : holy fckin shit does this song throw off each of my senses each time i listen to it, its enthralling O_o From the slow paced movements to the tocattas and tremolos, it just fuckin loses you in this spiral of energy...
  8. moutymoo

    Diving in !

    un peu inattendu mais merci beaucoup ;)
  9. moutymoo

    Help : what is my style ?

    Hey ! I really like how the messy lineart complements with your colouring, it wierdly goes together well depite the messiness ^^. The manner in wich you colour your drawings really gives it identity I think. In the sense that it reappears in a way in every drawing and reminds me in some way of...
  10. moutymoo

    I'm a rabbit

    i'm a dumb happy doggo ~w~
  11. moutymoo

    Curious : what draws you in a certain artstyle ?

    Not only details that suggest a deeper meaning but to accompany the painting with some kind of written material, context or prose. When i draw something relating to my characters and my fantasy setting to a whole, I personally aim to indicate to the viewer that this is not only some neat setting...
  12. moutymoo

    Curious : what draws you in a certain artstyle ?

    Personnaly, I'm more drawn to pieces that tell something, either a meaning or a story, because it's much more interesting to look at and wonder what the characters are doing, what is unfolding. Tough I cannot say that i don't fav pieces that just "look nice" ( because they do look nice in my...