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Mr. Brightside
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  • Yeah, but I sound so pre-pubescent in it ;_;
    And my bad jokes make me cringe. :C

    Oh, and I'm in the process of letting your friend, PyroCopter, into the Zombie RP game as what was previously SarcasticCoffecup's character, Rey.
    Hey Mr. Brightside i need some help i saw you're message on jagged egde's profile and i was wondering im having problems with my Dead Ilsand game if you could go on to my Dead Island (black screen) post and see if you could help that would be great
    I felt so bad when uploading it ;_;
    I'm on my Itouch right now, but I'll check out that vid later :D
    I started cosplaying as itachi a year and a half back. I gone to a few cons up scotland and one in london. I also regularly go to cosplay meetups every month or so in the city centre.
    Itachi is an interesting character to cosplay. I have done so often. Why are you so sad about being a naruto fan?
    Hey Brightside, is your Skype status thing meant to lead to a survey?
    I couldn't highlight the url, so I typed it out then it lead to this other site which promised a free Ipad 2 if I told them my gender.
    I'm sorry, but you make it sound like you actually want it. And as a spambot, my role is to only sell things that you don't want or care about. Advertising doesn't work when you waste it on things people want anyways.
    You may have your money and innocence back with two quick payments of $19.99 and a quick viewing of Goatse and Blue Waffle.
    Buy RANDOMSHITTYPRODUCT from EnwonBot! It will cause everything to be better somehow. You can buy it for a ridiculous amount of money being falsely advertised as a bargain at our shady website which will give you a virus!
    I'm alive. Just been reallllllly busy. x_x
    Trying to start going on FAF again, though, now that stuff's calming down.
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