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Just a pansexual loser who loves dem cartoon critters and getting freaky with the locals. Shoot me a note and will chit chat and shit!

I am Noah or in other words Karma Foox or just Mr. Foox. My fursona is a fox/raccoon with the same levels of interest and hobbies as mine, minus all the garbage Foox eats. ( Insert lame coon joke here) I am a pansexual male who loves undergarments, friends/family and awkward romantic love and sex.

My fetishes are underwear, dressing up as a femboy, a small bit of diaperfur, bondage, master/pet, tongues, sicknesses, hospital gowns and much more.

My hobbies and interests are writing, drawing, playing video games, technology, the internet, wasting time and hugging and taking care of my animals. I also love music like, Folk punk, grunge, Anti folk, and most music along those lines and a little dubstep, house and techno when I am in the mood.

My addictions are...my fetishes, tea, coffee, tobacco, childish criminal mischief.

Child like sense of wonder
No shame (Which could be bad sometimes)

Mood swings
Never sharing to much of myself
Worrying about stupid things
No shame (Which could be good sometimes)

That's about it for now, if you have any questions please ask me through notes or Trash Foox which is on Facebook. Thank you and have a great one. The Foox, out. ~ <3

Seriously joking
Likes pancakes
Lazy sex
Lazy activist agaist activist who fight other activist hating activist.

I am Noah, I like Cartoons and video games. I love my close, close, friends and open/closed relationships . I am fascinated with folk punk and grunge music and the occasionally rare anti-folk genre. I secretly jack off to obscure pornography, yes the weird shit too, I like mostly all of it. I love anthromorphic animals. I am a pansexual. I love you and myself. If you want to talk I'll talk. Thanks for reading. ~♥

I am a amature youth that has nothing else better to do then to sit around and talk. Please feel free to talk to me! ~ <3 ( p.s. I am now a construction worker and a few months sober! )
Aug 11, 1996 (Age: 26)
Fur Affinity Page
Karma Foox
Professional drop out.


Hey!...Cool! I actually have my own signature! How cool. - Mr. Foox ~<3


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