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  • Really? i thought they were bad ^_^
    I gotta go for today, maybe i do some more questions tomorrow. Southsparks waiting ;). have a good night. :)
    1. Metal or Rock?
    2. Nature or Civilisation?
    3. r u gay, bi, straight? (yes, im asking u that too:) )
    4. Tv or DVD?
    5. Christianity or Atheism?
    6. vegetarian or flesh eater ?
    7. PC or console?
    8. Number 666 or 777?
    Ah, okay. ^_^
    1. I dont know daft punk, so i choose dragonforce.
    2. I like both. Just listening to Blind Guardian, and i cant say witch is better.
    3. Drums, theres nothing over fast blastbeats.
    4. None of them, sport sucks :p
    5. That shall be clear xD yiff of course ^_^
    6. Hm, hard to say, i would say the dragon. Living creatur > dead steel.
    7. the Devil, i think he is also a God somehow.
    8. 69 becaus the number is more filthy xD
    1. He is saying "God..."
    2. Um, fish and chips. I think it tastes better then spaghetti.
    3. Ego shooters are the best ^^
    4. Bi, but the Homosexual part is predominantly.
    5. Foxes of course ^_^
    6. Computers, i never liked Sports.
    7. Um, i think im a man xD
    8. Huh? number 8 looks nicer :)
    Nein means no, and guten tag means good day. ^_^
    I have an playstation 2 with one Game: Final Fantasy X, And a gamecube with a few games, mostly im gaming on PC. And u?

    Omg im such an idiot, postet that again in my profile xD
    Oh thats not enough... i think i need an extra HD :grin: Um yeah im Strange... but i thik all furries are a little bit strange. In the positive sense ^_^
    Maybe it sounds Sick, but i have learned most of my english through english videogames, not through the school xD
    ah its only 500Mb till now, and i still have 80Gb free for that. :p
    Strange :) But its okay, to be furry is not only about the porn :)
    Ah its not too Big, still cant have enough of that pics :)
    Um, there are many sorts of yiffy pics, i guess there will be something you like. :p
    The problem is, there are not enough clean pics, with a good quality, that counts for me :/
    Uh, for me is Yiffy > Human P. Can say i have stopped watching those, concentrating mainly on yiff. Its just more "interesting" than human ;)
    And how was the movie for you? I think some scenes were extreme idiotic, like that with the atombomb and the fridge.. But the action was really great.
    I like to watch horrorfilms in the dark, alone... just need the thrill :p
    I like horror, splatter and action movies. The last movie i seen in cinema was Indiana Jones.
    And i dont like comedy - found a difference! :D
    Yeah, guitar solos are great, especially from Dragonforce. Um, i never listened to Revolverheld :razz:

    Posted that in my profile first, lol
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