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Mr. Sparta
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  • As it says that today is your actual birthday, I thought that I had best stop by and say .. HAPPY Birthday!.. So there, I said it! Hope your having fun off on your vacation!
    No worries, we could be neighbors and never know it xD Just say 'Weow' if you ever see me around xP
    I dunno... I'm a bookshelf?
    Who am I to receive the honor of your recycled friend flattery?
    Anyway, I hope you are most pleased with your Argonian form once I get to finishing that comic...
    I know righhhtt?? Like wut da fuck D:!
    Same here. Until a few days ago, I've been addicted to watching 3 minute videos of it on YouTube. It's improv comedy done right!

    If it's not too personal of a question, how was your trip?
    Sigh* I'm tired of awkward conversations. I get caught in them way too often.

    So out of the blue, have you ever heard of Whose Line Is It Anyway?
    I've reflected upon your words and have agreed that it would be in our best interest to take upon our disposition of the forums in a very professional and gentleman-like fashion, lest we bite off more than we can chew.
    And I don't blame you!
    I will say though, it's weird seeing my old identity/username floating around the forums all the time with that quote. Lol.
    I love how you still have that Treeko and Totodile quote in your sig after all this time. Haha. Man, that thread was a hoot. Good times. Funny how the time does fly and things change.
    Yeah, it's pretty hella late huh?

    We can exchange our Croc and Gatr philosophy tomorrow.

    you're probably right. I blame the media, it's made me into a very one-dimensional Croc.
    Then pray tell; what sort of gatr conducts themselves in a civil manner in this day and age? Your assigned role according to this Nintendo wiki states that you are to ruin the lives of the opposing team that dare face you. You can't argue with a wiki because it's a wiki.
    Indeed, but if a gentleman Croc were to go about conducting themselves in a friendly manner, whereas, kindness can be interpreted as an invitation to lewd conduct, one must question as to which is the greater of two evils; To be that of a cynical Croc/Gatr or to be one of a caring of the two. What say you, sir Sparta? What is your overall observation of these findings that I present to you?
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