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Mr. Sparta
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  • Well duh, we use Croc force.

    And we have to use Croc style cause I don't know shit about Gatr style and at least you used to be a Croc, you dig? Fine, we'll use both and we'll call our taken over forum section uhhhh,… Interrior Croconaw Feraligatr- Driving a Chevrolet Movie Theater.
    Aight, so I say we start by taking over a forum section. Probably the den because that's where the weak sauce is located. We'll clean house a bit, put in an aquarium, maybe a few vending machines and we'll rename it to Croc Haven or something like that. Maybe we can even get a mascot or something. You got a charming face, you can make it happen.

    But if we're gonna do this, we gotto use Croc style, cause imma Croc, you dig?
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