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    My pretty Russian Blue :D

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    just a quick one.

    Emphasizing sexual orientation is just going to cement in any newcomer's mind what no one wants people to think of right away when meeting furries.
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    Series that left a hole in you once finished them

    The star fox game series, since you never said I couldn't. :3
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    I think it's healthier to be born poor than rich. You're more likely to learn the value of money and make wise decisions than if it was just handed to you.
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    Rename 'cboy' to something less insensitive

    I don't understand the obsession with genitalia in this fandom.
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    Furoticon Online! (Kickstarter-like project! Please help/read)

    Oh god. Please no. Also, furries don't have money.
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    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

    https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8703637/ Here we go! ^_^
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    Let's talk stuckism.

    Sometimes what people consider art is just baffling. Like this: Foam and mirrors. OH SO DEEP. I wouldn't go as far to say that anything that's not painting to be not art. But sometimes it's just ridiculous. I think it's attention grabbing. It's also severely frustrating to someone who...
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    Deadly Shooting at WI Sikh Temple

    Quite honestly, nothing. Does the assumption being correct in the end justify it?
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    Deadly Shooting at WI Sikh Temple

    Making assumptions like that can be rather insulting.
  11. mrfoxwily

    Deadly Shooting at WI Sikh Temple

    I have an idea. Wait until they release information on the suspect before assuming things.
  12. mrfoxwily

    Deadly Shooting at WI Sikh Temple

    You bitch about bigots and you say shit like that?
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    The fountain of talent.

    I feel happy with my talents, but if I used it for everyone else, I wouldn't feel talented anymore. It wouldn't feel like a gift if everyone had it. :P
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    What's the last album you bought?

    Queen II - Queen
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    Real World Human Pride/Pack. (includes adult subject matter though not explicit.)

    So basically, you want to be a mormon? Get in my Harem My Harem's amazing. Give it a lick - Mmm! It tastes just like buttsex!