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    cartoons you lived on as a kid

    Yes ^^ My kids cartoons where in French and reruns. Don't Ohh wait, I do remember some, but they are not furry cartoon ^^ UFO robot Grendizer (English name) Captain Harlok (English name) well manga. Hmm a white lion that was use to make the lion king cartoon. A manga about a frog who's love the...
  2. MrPhox

    Send me your twitter handles!

    I'm not new, but I'm not doing much on it. Messsage mostly about problem with the buss that I report, and not much.
  3. MrPhox

    Send me your twitter handles!

    @JimmyRenard1 I don't do much on Twitter
  4. MrPhox

    Talk about a movie you've seen recently!

    I was X-Men: Dark Phoenix The actress who play Jean Grey seem a bit too large. The movie is not bad, but Xmen movies are not the best movies. Jean Grey when she was a kid her power where out of control and she cause a car accident. LAter they when into sapce to save a space shuttle and she...
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    cartoons you lived on as a kid

    In the 80s I did like Cleo from Catdilacats. Not many drawing of her are made. Renamon is the one who got the most drawing ^^
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    cartoons you lived on as a kid

    Hmm cartoon from my child hood? Bugs Bunny, some of Anna Barbera's cartoons. Well 70s cartoon. In the 80s I was the first half a teen and the second half a adult. I'm old ^^ a bit more that half a century old ^^
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    How Did Your Journey As A Furry Begin?

    This was my first fursona in the 90s and I was 23 years old when I start using that name IRL. ^^
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    Does you feel lonely in the fandom?

    I'm alone IRL and in the fandom. I try many time to make friends but it just never work. If I knew what to do, how to behave? I just don't know :( I don't talk to one fur, I more talk to many in Telegram. I have Twitter but still I don't have friend there. I don't know how to make friend at all...
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    Talk about a movie you've seen recently!

    I watch Toy story 3 since I was wondering something about Toy story 4 and got my answer ^^ I just watch Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019) its a good movie, kinda like all the beginning of Wonder Woman, a American pilot crash in the ocean and discover the island of the Amazons.
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    Good YouTube alternative

    I'm looking for a good YouTube alternative, one that might have no upload limits or at lest a big one like 1TB? I have seen a few, but they are so limited to like 40 GB. I grow tired of the supreme ruling on YouTube.
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    What's your favorite Windows?

    I like XP, I'm running 7 on this com. * is bah, 10 is garbage.
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    TV show Reboot

    I should have said "Reboot the TV series" ^^ But it could be interesting if the do a reboot, make it good or don't do it.
  13. MrPhox

    TV show Reboot

    Who remember the TV show Reboot?
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    I think I'm in a depression, but I'm not sure? I feel kinda tired, on the side of a burnout but since I don't go out and there nothing outside to do outside that is free. Beside walking, I think that always bean inside is not helping, but what can I do? Volunteer could be a thing, need to...