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    Free Art: (NSFW) Rule 34 Requests

    You've never watched looney toons?
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    Request: Bring me to life? (Comfort sona)

    So cute thank youuu!
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    Request: Bring me to life? (Comfort sona)

    Thank you so muccchhh sorry for the late reply, had early classes and just got finished ♡
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    Request: Bring me to life? (Comfort sona)

    Hey so I started up a design for a comfort sona. As someone who has anxiety I figured a cheetah would be a good fit. I drew a basic concept art and gave her a small blurb of info about her here. I would finish the art myself, however I highly dislike my lining and coloring (plus Im not...
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    Lf Partners

    Looking for partners for my sonas ♡ I've been wanting to pair them up for artwork and ychs Both the OC and Owner must be over 18 as I tend to commission NSFW and both of my OCs have/will have NSFW artwork As my OCs reflect myself. They're both 21 and heterosexual. I'm looking to pair them with...
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    looking for requests

    If I'm not too late I just got this cutie ♡ Art by Sqweetums Artists choice as far as pose n stuff More refs here including a nude ref to clearly show colors and markings
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    Free Art: I'm in quarantine, keep me busy

    Maybe this girl?? Art by Squeetums More refs here including full nude to show markings Thank you for the chance ♡
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    Hiring: ($50+) LF Custom OC

    Looking to hire someone for a cutesy Canadian Lynx OC. I want her to be kind of toony style. For the ref sheet I would prefer 3 images. Nude front and back as well as a clothed ref. I would like to add a bio and 3 accessories (either floating or if you wanna copy/paste the items and make it into...
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    Hello I have a couple ocs https://toyhou.se/13287717.avil https://toyhou.se/12595499.zinnia (any design except her red variant) https://toyhou.se/13421661.christie Thank you for the chance!
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    Draw the poster above you thread

    Next person draw my giraffe girl Zinnia Please do not draw the red design! Only the pink/black or peach!
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    Request: Wanna draw my sonas? (Male and Female)

    They're both party animals and 420 friendly, Zinnia is a switch and Mason is a sub. Zinnia is generally hyper and has a ton of energy, but is snide and self centered. Mason has a cooler energy and gets along with everyone, though he is a doormat.
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    Request: Wanna draw my sonas? (Male and Female)

    Looking for some art of these two! They can be together or apart. Zinnia is heterosexual and Mason is pansexual. SFW, NSFW, and Gore are all welcome! https://toyhou.se/Geowlett/characters/folder:1869416
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    Hiring: ($100+) Vtuber avatar?

    Do you know how to make 3d models???
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    Hiring: ($100+) Vtuber avatar?

    You don't have any examples or prices for 3d avatars
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    Hiring: ($100+) Vtuber avatar?

    Idk what a good starting offer is but I'm looking to get a vtuber avatar with hair and breast physics, face tracking, and emotions. Please post prices along with examples! More refs here