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    Research suggests, men are smarter than women

    Rule of thumb: Those who have a mix of masculine and feminine features will have a mix of masculine and feminine results.
  2. Murasaki Fox

    Research suggests, men are smarter than women

    That's the intent of statistics. It gives you data like the average, median, range, quartiles, standard deviation, standard error, significance rating, and so on. For example, I am a very strange individual in a lot of ways. In a data set that represents the wider population, I fall into the...
  3. Murasaki Fox

    Research suggests, men are smarter than women

    Depends on what we're talking about, really. Though to any statistical significance level, it probably doesn't matter that much. The individual is always the most important factor anyway.
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    Research suggests, men are smarter than women

    Actually if I remember correctly, it should only take a few hundred subjects to represent a wider population, as long as the sampling is done well. I'd have to dig up the ol' formula, but there are different techniques for appropriate sampling. I've heard about the notion that male and female...
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    Trouble creating unique fursona/scalesona

    I just did what I liked, and what I thought represented me the best. It was a tough choice between a few species, but people said that a kitsune matches my looks and personality the best. If you intend to express yourself, uniqueness for its own sake isn't necessarily a virtue. In the words...
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    What was a serious turning point in your life?

    Negative: When my autoimmune issues started to set in, around the end of high school I think. I had shown symptoms prior, but it wasn't significantly damaging until then. Most of my issues are neurological, with a slew of assorted (and milder) issues. Horrible fatigue, mental fog, anhedonia...
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    How did you create your fursona name

    I like purple. Also, purple is the color used for raising awareness about Lupus, which I'm very likely to have. Also, I don't know enough Japanese to come up with a good kami name. So I'm keeping the character relatively humble.
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    So...it seems like no one likes furries.

    At this point I think the hate has become fatigued. People think furries are weird, and they're kind of right. But most people have just kind of accepted that it's a thing that's there to stay. So now it's just a matter of an individual and one's social skills. Be cool to people and they'll...
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    Has Being a Furry Hurt You?

    This is a bit of a self-fulfilling prophecy. Furry is just an art genre and the fandom thereof. There's nothing shameful about it. But if you treat it like something perverse, people will assume it's perverse. As Jarren describes, it's all about how you present yourself as an individual...
  10. Murasaki Fox

    What is your talent?

    My spacial awareness, speed and dexterity are top-notch. As such, my technique is pretty good when it comes to martial arts and poi. I do a bit of toss and contact juggling, but I need more practice. Because of this, I'm also really good at practical use of vector math. And since other...
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    How long have you been a furry or brony?

    Hm... a few years, but it's been at least a decade since I entered the outskirts of the fandom. Was introduced to Furcadia, and used fursonas for RPing, but I didn't call myself a furry until a few years ago.
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    Has Being a Furry Hurt You?

    Nope. The furry fandom has only ever been a benefit. It's given me an outlet to express myself, even if I've only been on the outskirts of the fandom for the longest time. The first time I went to a convention (Anthrocon), everyone treated each other like family. It was truly a community...
  13. Murasaki Fox

    How did you pick your fursona species?

    I had been considering kitsune, octopus, and red panda, and my friends thought kitsune fit my face and personality best. I also liked kitsune because I could pull off the character with only a partial pursuit or mere makeup.