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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    The original Silent Hill for PS1. By some miracle, I managed to get the Good+ ending on my first playthrough. However, I never found the rifle, which would have been helpful against the final boss. :/
  2. Mutations2000

    Game Recommendations

    Definitely Shadow of the Colossus. Ico, taking place in the same universe as SotC, is also a good option. As for RPGs, the Mother series is the way to go. EarthBound is by far one of my favorite games. I actually own a copy for my SNES, too, which is pretty amazing considering how much they...
  3. Mutations2000

    Making the noise of your Fursona's species.

    I have been occasionally guilty of "gekkering" in moments of intense frustration, but that's not particularly unusual for people who are as hyper as I am, even if they don't know what "gekkering" is.
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    I realize that. I was referring to myself, actually. And I could've sworn you'd added me to your contacts a while ago, but I guess I was wrong.
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    Need help identifying furry cartoon with kangaroo in it

    This is interesting. Unfortunately I can't help you much, but I find myself wondering what it is. I hope someone has the answer. This list may or may not help: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fictional_kangaroos_and_wallabies
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    Yeah, that's probably it. Although, for some reason, I enjoy it more in Spanish than I do in English.
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    I was forced to watch this movie in Spanish near the end of 8th grade. I hated Spanish class... So why in the hell is this one of my favorite movies ever?! I seriously love that movie. This is incredibly off topic, buy you seem familiar somehow... Ever heard of a Mutantminifig49 on Flickr...
  8. Mutations2000

    Games That Put You to Sleep (Read OP Before Assuming)

    Myst, especially during important character dialogue. Also, I find it hard to believe that anyone could ever fall asleep during SotC, but whatever.
  9. Mutations2000

    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Got a PS2 emulator and downloaded Haunting Ground. Apparently, PS2 emulation on PC sucks ass, so I'm heading to GameStop after school to buy a copy.
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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    I just bought one of the few official portal gun replicas that exist, so I celebrated by playing Portal and Portal 2 until 6:02 AM.
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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    My copy of Earthbound finally came in the mail, and after a few terrifyingly blank screens and some frantic blowing, I was able to get it working properly. Still haven't gotten past Onett, but I'm still pretty thrilled that I managed to get my hands on an actual copy of such a timeless classic...
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    "Overgrowth" - aka I would totally pay $30 just for these glitches

    If you ever played Lugaru, you'd be VERY excited about this.
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    Great old games nobody's heard of

    Lord of the Rings Vol. 1 for SNES was a lot better than most people seem to think. The caves are confusing as all hell, but if you take the time to explore them and talk to any NPCs you come across, the game's not bad at all.
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    What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Lord of the Rings Volume 1 for SNES, because they never made volume 2. Also, I've ordered a copy of Earthbound, so I should have that soon as well.
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    how many deviantart accounts should i make?

    I dunno'. It's up to you, really. Although, I think it would be best to have more than zero, but less than two. :V