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    What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thread)

    Re: What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? http://th06.deviantart.net/fs70/PRE/f/2011/233/c/0/c0dd82bbcee9e7a89b8b45d36cb16a8a-d47dlz8.png Purge the unclean.
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    Rate The Song Above You!

    3/10 C_NCV41beCk
  3. mystery_penguin

    Furries on OMG! Peaches Geldof show

    I still can't stand the names they use. The name "Nightwind Sapphire" Makes me want to tear my ears out.
  4. mystery_penguin

    Latest song you added to your music player?

    The entire Kitsune Squared Star Road album
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    Why not just call furry a fetish?

    And then the entirety of this forum raised their hand, and slammed their palms onto their forehead in disapproval of your blatantly unintelligent proposal.
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    EVERYONE Gets a Fursuit!

    If I WERE to buy some furry paraphernalia it would AT THE VERY MOST be a good set of ears and a tail. Even then, I'd be mortified if I wore it anywhere, even a furcon.
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    A third war? With Libya?

    Nuke the shit out of this? http://www.hess.bz/images/IRAQ/Kurdistan%20Mountains%202.jpg http://images.travelpod.com/users/rebecca.mcneal/ukraine.1272276688.barzan-countryside.jpg...
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    Best Seller on eBay

    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160559216667#description Now, why on earth would some MAJOR companies pay LOTS OF MONEY for a wetsuit? Because of the guy's description. Then, he continues to answer a wide array of questions...
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    ...Piano Hax!

    76Ii5mYFvAA A challenger appears!
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    Rate The Song Above You!

    2/10 4l1n69jTArI
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    Find Makarov.....

    More like a reveal.
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    Rate The Song Above You!

    8.5/10 That was very good, we don't have enough story-telling songs. _zfOKIREJX8
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    Rate The Song Above You!

    7/10 It's not exactly the kind of music I like, but it's nice and relaxing nonetheless. 3dKRKDn9ZJk
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    Rate The Song Above You!

    take out the "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=" when using the 8.5/10 [yt]trGkPerU3-k
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    Overgrowth - Ninja Bunny Rabbits and Wolves!

    Does it really matter? That thread was dead anyway.