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  • Hi, there. I promise I've had all my shots.
    I'm a 20-something college student, I don't yet know what I want to be when I grow up, and I have multi-facet synesthesia. I'm very creative in many areas. I love to learn new things and teach others what I know. I like to be helpful where I can but I don't sugar coat things and I have no conversational squick filter (you've been warned, hehe). I've studied a lot but my fortes are art, movies, writing, general sciences, and psychology; I've been known to dabble in physics, biochemistry, and engineering. I'm obsessed with dragons, mythology and folklore, and music. I like MLP:FIM, am a Browncoat, and a fan of Aliens. I play Assassin's Creed more than is probably healthy and I love Spyro and Portal.

    My FurAffinity Page Works may range from [G] to [NC-17].

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