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    The little cards you draw on...

    I know michael's sells them near the drawing pencils, usually on the end of an aisle in little baggies. or you can cut them yourself from larger paper, they're supposed to be 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches, same size as a baseball card. you can get 9 out of one sheet of 9x12 bristol paper.
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    Critters that are hard to anthropomorphosise....

    Hagfish. there's a reason I never draw anthro hagfish, despite using one for my name and icon. no limbs, no eyes beyond flat black spots, no bones, no jaw, not even a sucker mouth like a lamprey, it sort of turns the first bit of it's mouth inside out to rasp teeth against its food (often dead...
  3. myxini

    ITT: Your favorite mixed drinks

    i like a Dark and Stormy, but I usually use Cruzan Blackstrap rum. Also Absolut Wild Tea flavored vodka (tea and elderberry) mixed with sprite/7-up/whatever. Or Kir, white wine with Creme de Cassis. or mudslides made with chocolate ice cream so it's more like a milkshake. Granted I don't...
  4. myxini

    Balancing School + Work?

    I'm currently taking 16 hours of biology classes and working anywhere from 15-25 hours a week (actually this week it's 28, but it should drop when some new people start). I work retail, which sucks, but they're willing to work around my schedule. and the place I work is very close to school...
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    What are your Fall 2012 courses?

    UNC Charlotte Biology, Microbiology concentration Microbiology + Lab, Immunology, Evolution, Ecology, Human Physiology My husband is an Electrical Engineering major, so he's taking design, statistics, fields, signals, and electronics
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    What to do for my career & life

    You can definitely use the computer thing to better the world. My husband is currently an undergrad electrical engineering student, and is getting back soon from a research visit to Yale medical school. He picked up, as volunteer undergrad research, a project to map distances between electrodes...
  7. myxini

    Color Blind?

    perfect score on the test :D My husband however is red-green colorblind. it's pretty interesting sometimes. like a friend has a quaker parrot that looks green in bright light, and red-brown in dim light. Mostly he confuses red and green, and can't see purple. This is pretty frustrating as an...
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    Shrinking in the wash

    You do not shrink in the wash. when your fingers get wrinkly in water, it's actually the opposite of what you said up there. There is more salt in the cells of your skin than in the bathwater, so more water is absorbed into the skin cells to try to equalize the salt concentration. The skin cells...
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    Favorite and most hated part of your job...

    Student: best parts- learning new things. already knowing a lot from my own reading, so having a fairly easy time studying, and being able to help other students understand the concepts. That when I'm done with this, I can get out of retail, get a lab job (I LOVE benchwork! this is apparently...
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    whats the worst gift you've ever recieved?

    the worst gifts are the ones where the giver clearly doesn't care, and is just getting rid of extra stuff, then they expect you to be grateful. My aunt for christmas once sent everyone in my family these ugly crocheted dolls that had dollar-store air fresheners in their skirts. This was stuff...
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    IRL Pet Questions

    I think the baby gate may be the best idea. some sort of barrier that the cat can jump or climb over that the dog can't. Or if the cat is slimmer than the dog, see if you can find a way to keep the door open to a point where the cat can get through and the dog can't. like, a block of wood at the...
  12. myxini

    Shelf life of foods

    if this is a question about kitchen-food, as opposed to stockpile-food, here's a pretty decent reference: http://www.stilltasty.com/searchitems/search_page things labeled pantry storage that are good for a year or more are probably good for stockpile too.
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    What do you do for a living?

    currently microbiology undergrad student, and part-time custom framer in a craft store. previously full-time graphic design for apparel decoration (ie: designing the stuff they print on clothes).
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    Apartment Issues :/

    Is this something you're finding on websites, or have you asked someone about the policy? It might be that a decent credit score and proof of income are enough. that's all I've ever had to provide when getting an apartment, even before I was 25 (this is in a different state though). I'd also ask...
  15. myxini

    Anyone want to draw a hybrid?

    challenge accepted http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8177992/