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    i've worn glasses since the fourth grade, so like eight, nine years, i think?
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    i''ve got lepidopteraphobia - i'm irrationally afraid of moths. it's funny, really. they totally freak me out.
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    Last movie you've seen?

    my brother and i tried watching Black Sheep yesterday, but the disk was scratched and didn't want to work. i liked that movie, but Timur Bekmambetov's other films [Nightwatch and Daywatch] are a lot better, i thought.
  4. nachoboy

    Modern animated series

    well, i watched Venture Bros. and Moral Orel when they were on, but MO got canceled and it doesn't seem like Venture Bros. is going to be on again until they start showing the fourth season. and i'm a fan of Futurama, but that got canceled a while ago. most of the shows i like get canceled...
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    Charles Christopher

    yeah, i'm definitely a fan of the comic now, too. when i read the part that's in your avatar, i was like, "oh, goodness, no!"
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    agh! i had totally been looking way forward to the new episodes for forever, but i got sidetracked by Paper Mario tonite and i forgot to watch it! i'm so bummed!
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    it's a very lovely drawing.
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    seriously, that is probably the cutest drawing possible. question - did you draw it? if not, who did?
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    Final Destination 4

    dude, this is awesome news. i absolutely love the first two Final Destination movies, just because of how ridiculous they are. i mean, in the second one, there's a part where a guy lifts his jacket off a chair and there happens to be a pool ball under it, so the pool ball falls on the floor...
  10. nachoboy

    Last movie you've seen?

    i saw Role Models last nite. i'm glad it features LARPing. that's definitely awesome. also, they totally gave the LARP Alliance special thanks in the credits!
  11. nachoboy

    Red raccoon suit

    yeah, i think it looks awesome, too. i've always been a fan of your fursuits.
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    What "made you" furry?

    other things that helped make me furry that i forgot to list before are The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame, The Little Prince by Antione de St. Exupery, and The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. they've always been my favourite books. i've read each one at least three times, and i...
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    What religion are you?

    i'm Catholic.
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    Your fav SciFi movie?

    the original three Star Wars movies are all great. episodes 1-3 all sucked, if you ask me, though. and the first Matrix movie is completely amazing, but i was totally let down by the second and third ones. and of course Close Encounters of the Third Kind is a winner. the Dreyfuss is one of my...
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    Admit it, you chuckled at Spongebob Squarepants (seasons 1-3)

    at first i didn't watch it, but after all my friends were like, "Oy, that spongebob knows how to make me laugh!" i saw a couple episodes and i definitely liked it. but then, probably around season three, i got tired of the whole thing. the FUN song was definitely good stuff, and so was the Magic...