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In a cold desolate place where life struggles to survive, there was only one way that he could move on. Born out of a need for change, self acceptance, and inner peace, Naeon the Flusky joined this universe.

Hai! So, my name is Naeon. It's a combination of Neo and Aeon (no, not Aeon Flux ;)) pronounced as Neon. I am a geek through and through and I enjoy multiple hobbies ranging from photography to working with arduinos. I am a flusky (fox,wolf,husky). Primarily this means that I exhibit traits from all three species without associating overly closely with any single one. Although I can be shy at first, once I make a friend I warm up to them quickly.
Although sometimes I need my alone time to recollect on who I am, I try to be social and have been known to speak to large groups of individuals. I very much enjoy puzzles (literally and metaphorically), and strongly believe that there should be a tavern named Puzzles.
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