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  • Well, Winterguard is a worldwide thing, but it's more popular in America since show marching bands are more popular here.
    Also, size doesn't matter! If fat girls can so can fat guys! And we do!
    I know that feel, bro. :V My fiance is in England atm too. (Near Blackburn) And LDRs are harrrrrrrrd to maintain. But totally worth it.

    And yeah. Me and Red/the others can be a rough and tumble bunch. We love to brawl in the rant threads but we're just softies deep down.
    Oh, see now...if I was not a taken bird this is where I'd tell ya to show your cute bear face. We have a great collection of lgbt people here. And you're a welcome inclusion let me assure you.

    Yes, the gene is powerful. It's also fun to go to a Pride Parade as a family.
    What an adorable family. I bet your folks are proud of their gay sons and their other one as well. I wish I had come out at your age. I waited til I was 24...although my mom and dad were kinda "coming out" themselves when I was 22. (Yes, my entire immediate family is gay including my twin brother). And I have acted very swish for all my life, so it wasn't that huge a surprise.

    ;3 You wouldn't have picked a bear sona because you are one irl wouuuuuuld you? (A lot of furries here do that)
    You just made it for 1991 then!! XD (I was an 88 babe...so i guess im more 90's than anything) ;3 You must party pretty hard for New Years.
    I see you have good taste <3 It's hands down my fav game...well, its tied with the original kingdom hearts...but I still have dreams of flying through the Alpine mountains of the magic crafter's world.
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