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  • So where have you been? I don't recall seeing you post for quite a while.
    I think it was the association from your thread about all those truffles you had to make once...
    You should, though only if you feel like it. :'D
    Well, my profile-pic tends to give it away. :D
    I wanted to keep it neutral since I couldn't find a clue about being a Sir or not.
    Then again, I tend to be horrid at finding clues. :'D
    Why thank you, kind sir/madam. And well-met! C:
    I even downloaded full HD version of it just to get a high-res wallie of him lol... And then my windows decides to derp and not keep it for longer than 1h.
    I'll be having fun trying to install win7 without a disk tray xD
    March hare is the best character in the whole movie, followed closely by Chessur :D
    It's hard to find a good wallpaper out of him though :C
    So I made my own from 1080p screencaps >:D
    Getting ready to go back to college. So far I have Statistics, Basic Economics, French 101 and Astrology Psychology as classes.

    Do you got any classes brah?
    Luti with yo nose so bright won't you ride my sleigh tonighttt? :V

    btw hows it goin brah?
    Seeing you post on the religion thread reminded me of something...

    We haven't talked in a long time on Skype :c

    How have you been doing?

    Are other people imitating him? I know he made a thread about someone using a pic of his as an avatar. Having the forum turn into a clonefest of him would be hilarious.
    Incredibly so.
    "Ho hum. Just going along reading posts. Hum dee dum. Post from Fenrari. Hum de dum. Keep on scrolling. Hum d-wait. Did something move?"
    *scrolls back up.*
    "Huh... nope. Just looks like his normal avatar to m-OH JESUS FUCKING CHRIST IT'S POSSESSED."
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