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  • Well, they ougtha put some reigns on you deer and ride your sleigh all day long. Giggity-oh.
    I was pretty disappointed when i heard they split after getting so excited about the new album etc, but it wasn't a messy split so i can respect that. That's what i love about christian bands; they're a cleaner cut bunch than most, despite there sometimes being disputes over religion. Imo, Christian bands have a lot more going for them usually. ACB was a prime example. Their music was deep, and while I may be agnostic, the way they use God as a motivator is what really ties in the power of each emotion. Especially in Timothy; i just burst into tears listening to that.
    Hey, I was wondering if you have any experiences with writing mathcore and other types of hardcore shtuff.

    Also, some good mathcore.

    Lastly, skype?
    Man, you can sarcasm me to death all you want, but please don't insult the Hendrix by putting his name next to mine in a sentence :V
    you gave good taste. Hey do you gave msn? you seem like a cool guy to talk to. :)
    What other ska/punk stuff you listen to?
    A mix between ska and metal. Capdown, BFMV, Dethklok, Slipknot, Goldfinger, Reel Big fish, AC/DC, Aquabats. That sorta thing.
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