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    MUTHERFUCKING WIN!!!!! XD(i was looking for another notable feature on your pic. The only notable thing on mine is the pointing.) *shrugs*I take it your a big nirvana fan?
    DAT... BLUE THING.(seriously what is that anyways, some kinda armoured plating)
    Was it you that liked Offspring? 'Cuz I just found their music and have been listening to "You're Gonna Go Far, Kid" pretty much all day.
    I hope this doesn't sound too...prying, but... How much did yours cost? See, I'm poor and whatever money I make goes to food. :D
    Hi there. Saw your reply on my thread, and I'd really like to point out a critical point of misinformation. Scientific theory is never accepted as fact. We accept only that things follow various patterns.

    There's also a distinction between theory and fact. The sentence 'that rock is grey' is a fact. If we see lots of grey rocks, we say 'It seems as if all the rocks are grey', and that is a theory. If we were then to see a brown rock, we would not say 'That is not a rock'. We would say 'Rocks can be grey or brown.', which would be the new theory that supports new evidence.

    I hope that distinction clears a few things up. In my opinion, carrying a misunderstanding of science is a real shame - and I really, honestly recommend you have a look at some of Stephen Hawking's writings.
    Yeh... Feelsbadman. I like your drawing.
    A reindeer eh? not seen a lot of them kicking about. :)
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