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  • There are jobs. Just no jobs for anyone who is new to the work force. If your young, your out of luck and not getting a job.
    Oh thats awesome, all of them sound freaking cool. Well the artist I know is my ex's father sooo yeah lol. I probably would get a little discount for him, but I also need the money for one in the first place, and I need to decide what I want first.
    Oh nice, I dont have any yet, only because I don't have the spare cash for one. The guy I know charges $100 an hour. What tats do you have already?
    So you're really thinking about getting a tattoo? Do you have some already or will the one you posted about be your first?
    Have you got a tea house anywhere near you?
    They offer insane varieties of tea. But I know of one you can buy called Roseship, tried that?
    My favourite?
    Hmm...It's a blend of this Russian tea (that has a delicate nutty taste to it), Prince of Wales and a little milk.

    And you?
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