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  • Sounds to me like you have more of a problem with the fulfilment of gender stereotypes then actual homosexuality.

    That however is irrelevant to the fact that opposing anyone's right to free speech and opinion is morally unjust and thoroughly counterproductive to your own personal liberties.

    I think people would be more willing to take you seriously if you didn't sound like the biggest hypocrite since Barbara DeAngelis.
    Out of curiosity: What's your opinion on the inconsistency between "I have feelings for Lee" and "I actively oppose my school's gay club"?
    thanks for apologizing, you at least have some form of tolerance if you can apoligize. i'm more offended by intolerance of poeple for illogical reasons like their race or sexuality, but it must be hard to grow out of that.
    I did not buy tem all at once silly.

    I have been getting them ever since they started making volumes.
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