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  • Well that's why I didn't know you replied haha!

    I'll have to check them out.

    That's actually not bad. And for rent to be payed, nice. So do you get bored and go to a club and take a bunch of dollar bills (or equivalent) and throw them up in the air and bow up to everyone while lip singing to a song? I would lol.

    Well that's always good.
    I'll start adding pictures to my DA, there's plenty on facebook but they're not public.

    The pay's not bad, I'm making the equivalent of $30,000 a year, and Disney pretty much pays my rent for me each month. And the cost of living is so much cheaper that a paycheck lasts quite a long time.

    Part of the reason I didn't include friends (and family) is because I talk to both on Skype and Facebook, and I know I'm only here for a year and I will see them soon. It's like taking a year long vacation.
    Must be nice. Only thing that dragon here is my letter opener haha. But you should take some pictures or something, sounds like something that would be cool to see.

    I can imagine tue lol on your face. "WTF, sweet, hopefully" kind of look. Am I close? So do like the pay? Or is it mehh. If I had to guess, probably mehh+ haha. I never thought I would be interested in finding out why some one is teaching in another country, but I am.

    I just bought about something, in your top ten list of missed things, you didn't include friends. I don't know why I noticed, but may I ask why? Are they the "nah, pisfh, those aren't mine" haha.
    Haha, it's just a thing, like a chickin wing.

    So happened to be watching a car movie based in japan, dealing with drifting, do they do that I China?

    So, do you ever see eny chinese dragons over there ,':)
    No but really, is China like it looks on post cards, old fashion. It actually sounds like a cool place, besides the hole no flush thing haha. Laid back. So how'ed you get to be a teacher over in a different country?
    I had to read that a few times. Wow. I mean just, wow.

    You would think that being China they would have every known, and probably some unknown, species of water based eatable substance. And I knew that they weren't the best in the hygiene department, but that is just nasty. But I well give that chinese people do usually look pretty darn good, until like 35-40 then they start to dip haha. I get it's fun over there though, never a full moment. Driving would be at least. So what is fun to do over there?

    And you forgot the 8. Haha. No TP flushing is still nasty.
    Hahaha! That's actually funny. But probably explains why they are doing better in education then the U.S. ...

    Ok. So I have to ask. What's the top things you miss from the states? Like one to ten. Ten being it'd be nice but not mandatory. And one being like must have as bad as a addiction. If I ask too many questions just let me know alright. Can get carried away every now and then.
    Oh wow. I have heard that's it's mandatory to learn english over there. Is that true?

    One thing that dose bother me, Disney lands over runing the world. Could you imagine Donald Duck in every house.
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