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    Driving Myself Insane with Suits and 'Sonas

    Your suit doesn't have to be your sona. My suit isn't my sona. Its great because then I can play the character that is my suit however I like. Also, if my fursona design should ever change for some reason, I'm not left with a suit which doesn't match. As for bird vs AD. Well it's all personal...
  2. Nataku

    Outdated/Upgraded Fursona's

    I think both of those options are a little extreme. But you are correct in that there is no set procedure. I personally still have art of older versions of my sonas in my (da) gallery. I see no reason to taken them down. I drew them, they are still art, even if the character has changed. I don't...
  3. Nataku

    Follow me eyes VS toony eyes, which is better?

    I prefer my suits to have more realistic eyes, which are by their nature following eyes. But I feel you may have been asking on a more cartoony styled suit basis? I suppose a static eye is useful if the character is stuck in one certain expression that is an integral part of the character, but...
  4. Nataku

    Mood in fursuits

    People wouldn't fursuit if they didn't derive some form of joy or pleasure from it. Fursuiting tends to become very hot and sweaty very quickly, which can be pretty uncomfortable. But it's all worth it when you are able to make other people smile or laugh, especially because you know they are...
  5. Nataku

    Is it possible to to sew fake teeth?

    You can sew teeth out of fleece or vinyl and stuff them, as people do for claws on some handpaws. It's not super realistically accurate but you're going for a toony suit so that's not relevant anyhow.
  6. Nataku


    Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern is a great series. Easy reads, and very nice to see the dragons portrayed as helpful benefactors.
  7. Nataku

    has anyone done a Fake syrup/Dipped fursona? Need tips!

    Maybe look into red plasti-dip? Like the stuff they dip tool handles in.
  8. Nataku

    What's the general area you are located in?

    I live in the area that's about to get slammed by Hurricane Matthew. Yaaaayyyyyy >.>;
  9. Nataku

    Hybrid furries

    My most used hybrid character is probably Ford the Orcat. There's also Tsudomai, which is an Argus pheasant/margay hybrid
  10. Nataku

    What you all are doing on a Saturday night?

    I'm at work, much to my annoyance.
  11. Nataku

    Skunks (and Skunk lovers) Unite!

    You are correct in that it varies greatly amongst tribes Simo. Skunks have appeared in various lore of different tribes in all different sizes, down to realistically pocket sized spotted skunks up to monstrous striped skunks that were said to knock over trees in a charge whose spray was deadly...
  12. Nataku

    Small details

    You're gonna need to be a little more specific than that if I'm to be able to provide any information of use. But you are probably either going to be looking at a battery pack for each cluster of circuitry. Ie one in each arm, one on the chest or back. Or, you could run one larger pack in a low...
  13. Nataku

    Furry Card Sharks surveys

    Ahhh, I've watched this show! Okay I may be showing my greymuzzle a bit. But I would certainly be interested in being a survey monkey for this. Let me know if y'all do move on with this conversion, I think it could be a really amusing game to play at conventions.
  14. Nataku

    Skunks (and Skunk lovers) Unite!

    I was not given my Native American name until I was older due to my parent's not wanting to associate me with a tribe or that part of my heritage due to the rampant discrimination and racism that still exists within the government against us. They liked white passing. I guess I understand their...
  15. Nataku

    Advice on how to talk with a squeaker?

    I don't like squeaker so all I can recommend is keep it short and infrequent, and preferably not one of those super loud ones that can be heard three panel rooms down. That way if you must squeak, it is not a constant monotonous drone which tends to really grate on people's nerves.