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    I found a article about furries in a Asperger's magazine

    You know, an awful lot of kids with Asperger's are also the ones who wind up in the gifted programs in schools. I'd be thrilled to have that group on our side.
  2. nedded

    Online Furry Game

    I haven't been able to get EarthEternal to work since my computer's too old. And to all the people clamoring for a "decent" furry game, I give you this: http://cindermod.blogspot.com/ It's still in early development, but I've seen the guys working on this in person, and it's rocking.
  3. nedded

    how to deal with parents?

    Here's my honest answer: People are afraid of the unknown. Now, I don't know how much exposure your mom has had to the fandom; perhaps she saw CSI or Tyra Banks or something. What's more than likely is that she doesn't have a clue what the tail is about, and that scares her. She makes up all...
  4. nedded

    George Clooney's a furry now lol

    Robot chicken does not make feature-length films, nor do they hire George Clooney.
  5. nedded

    Looking to commission someone.

    Be sure to check out White Wolf, too. http://whitewolf.denofwolves.com Hers run for $500 and up, but they're well worth it.
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    What is this? Where do I get one?

    I know for a fact that cheap, single-color zentai suits can be purchased ultra cheap off Ebay. As for the shiny-smooth kigurumi mask, dunno. Ebay (and Google Shopping) also good for the wig. IMHO, a much more feasible and certainly cheaper method than even the simplest of fursuits.
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    Mine usually involve poltergeists and gogurt. They're not really scary until after I wake up.
  8. nedded

    Have you...

    Uh, yes I have. I was very careful about avoiding the "dark side," as it were, and now I have the problem of a rampantly innocent furry on my hands. And by rampantly innocent, I mean they don't even know what 4chan is.
  9. nedded

    A question of feasability

    Believe it or not, milk jug plastic can be just the thing. Use that bodysuit idea (they're like $20 on Ebay and leave zero skin exposed), then cut and trim panels to your heart's content. A little hot water helps to bend certain parts into shape. Scrounge in your recycle bin and experiment!
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    on the other end, skinny furs.

    Doodle dee doo, passing through this thread, dee doo dee. 6'something and 129 at last count. I have like 2% body fat.
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    Help! Making my first fursuit!!!

    For those really, really big eyes, if your head can accomodate them without looking odd, go for this option. JoAnn Fabrics (and just about every other craft store I know of) sells clear plastic Christmas ornaments that separate in half. Painting the inside of them gives you very glossy and...
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    What if you had a serious therian or a furry lifestyler son/daughter?

    Whoa, sheesh, you guys. Chill out maybe? My sis, unfortunately, is like that. And I am not. The best I can do is make sure she gets a good fursuit, keep her away from the cameras, and otherwise accept the idea. I mean, have you ever tried to rock a solid foundation? She's not gonna change, just...
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    Native American Heritage?

    I got a bit of Iroquois in me. Not much, but it's enough to give me an incredibly hawkish nose.
  14. nedded

    Average overall cost

    Well, I pulled off going to AC for under $80, and that's guessing high. I was pretty miserly, though (didn't have to pay for a hotel room or travel expenses, just the badge and lunch and art and stuff), so YMMV. But that's a good idea of how much cash you'll need.
  15. nedded

    Would you get a tail?

    I'd rather go for cybernetics, it's less messy and would certainly deal with the issue of being a social outcast. The only downside I'd see are all the news agencies that would try to do a "human interest" story on me, and trying to get through airport security. But if I did go for a "real"...