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    Game: Change one letter of a 4-letter word

    Pote Edit: Didn't notice the page it was on, sorry xD
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    Free Art of Your Fursona! [CLOSED]

    Here's my ref, would love something cute!~ Thank you so much!~ ^-^ www.furaffinity.net: Nemnth Ferheart reference (SFW) by Nemnth
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    Last post wins - Winner gets a free post!

    This has been going on for a long time it seems
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    Word association

  5. Nemnth

    Game: Change one letter of a 4-letter word

    Cope Edit: People reply so fast, Rystren was first xD
  6. Nemnth

    Ban The Person Above You.

    Banned for Alt account
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    The Vending Machine 2000

    You get a bunch of sand. In your shorts. In your underwear. oh god no... WHYYYY Puts in cocaine into the machine
  8. Nemnth

    The Vending Machine 2000

    You get angry Russians. I'm not too sure how they correlate, but they just pop out. Have fun! Puts in a small loan of a million dollars.
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    You own the person above you for a day

    You'll be forced not to kick ass for a day. Instead you'll have your own kicked. Not by me, but by people who want to.
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    The Vending Machine 2000

    You get a role-playing game made for kids 7 and up! How cute! Inserts a BD Dildo
  11. Nemnth

    If you could have any pet...

    A dragon! ^-^
  12. Nemnth

    You wake up in bed with the Avatar or user above you

    Where did you put the keys to the death star again?
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    Welcome To the Dungeon(s And Dragons)!

    I had an idea, why don't we play a little forum game version of Dungeons and Dragons? (Sorry if this isn't the right place, just throw the thread somewhere else if it isn't, this is a game so I thought it might go here!) I'll be the DM or the Dungeon Master. Whatever I say, goes. I'll be...
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    The Vending Machine 2000

    A bunch of angry North Koreans pop out and tackle you! Roll a d20 to see if they hit you and then roll a d8 twice to see how much damage they deal! Puts in a dead baby
  15. Nemnth

    Corrupt-A-Wish Resurrected

    Granted! But no one else is there during the other days! What a bore! I wish my room wasn't so hot!