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  1. Neoi

    Decapitated dog head lives on.

    If its real then I feel sorry for the dog, Not being able to live a normal canine life and possibly going through alot of pain, that is if the pain has not turned into numbness. I hope people do not do this now a days.
  2. Neoi

    How would you react to aliens?

    Id be a little frightened. I discover a species hidden away for a long time, I wouldn't know how dangerous or cunning it was. It could take over the planet and enslave all humans for all I know
  3. Neoi

    What Other Fandoms Are You Into?

    uuh, Anime/Manga, Brony.. Including furry, I think thats about all the fandoms im in right now. If you consider gaming to be a fandom then thats another.
  4. Neoi

    ED rails on fursuiter killed in the line of duty. Wow.

    Its people like those of ED who make me sick and fill me with anger. Even though I never new lemonade coyote before news got out about his passing, He doesn't not deserve such cruel words put against him. Still, you cant real do anything when it comes to ED, they will cross any line.
  5. Neoi

    Anonymous Takes it to the Westboro Baptist Church

    Why would they want to picket a funeral for children? This is the first I have heard of this church, so I do not know what they are fully like. Still, There is no reason they should be picketing those funerals.
  6. Neoi

    What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thread)

    Re: What is with all of this "My little pony" stuff? (The unofficial official MLP Thr Did any of you see Tosh.0 today, he kind of fucked with the brony fandom. He showed the cloppers section on reddit. To make matters worse he showed it uncenscored so I had to see some stuff id rather not see...
  7. Neoi

    What parties are your favorite?

    Aint no party like a pinkie pie party!!
  8. Neoi

    How is my art?

    Ive been getting into sketching over the past month and I dont know how im doing or If ill get any better. So far the only thing ive been drawing is ponies and anthro wolves. I keep thinking that im getting worse and worse each time i sketch. I need some advice on how to improve or how I can...
  9. Neoi

    Silly paranoias

    Lets see... Im afraid of spiders, well basically insects in general. I am also afraid of dark deep waters like the middle of lakes where its deeper than 100ft and you cant see anything.
  10. Neoi

    Imagine if there was tests to be allowed in

    If there was such a test as that, I would most defiantly fail it :3
  11. Neoi

    Mauled NYC man wanted to be "one with the tiger."

    What a retard, I'm sure he didn't have the brains to know that tigers are viscous and wild.
  12. Neoi

    Do you eat the same thing every time at restaurants?

    I kind of do the same thing. Every time I go to a restaurant I usually order the same thing all the time. The only reason I do this is becuase I dont want to get something I might not like and then have my money wasted on it.
  13. Neoi


    Since I got older I kind of lost interest in it a little, but I still like decorating my house,roasting and eating pumpkin seeds, CANDY!, and wathcing marathons of horror films.
  14. Neoi

    Amazing video of guy in fursuit skydiving out of a plane

    That guys is awesome :P He also has another video of him bungee jumping in his fursuit.
  15. Neoi

    My pet has a critical disease.

    I hope he pulls through, its terrible when pets get ill :(