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    FA Current Status : was The SQL Holocaust [UPDATED]

    Would it have killed you guys to, I dunno.... FINISH CODING the thing before putting it up? In doing this, you merely replaced one set of problems with an entirely new set.
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    FA Current Status : was The SQL Holocaust [UPDATED]

    It was working fine-ish for me earlier... now I can't get the main page to load up :/
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    So, am I the only one....

    Server = Kaput right now. Got on for all of 10 minutes at about 4 PM Eastern time. (US) Then the blackout of MySQL errors appears. Now it's 9 PM, and no sign of life from the server :(
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    Code Update

    If now is much better.... something tells me I'm glad I missed what came before :o
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    Code Update

    Oh it works off and on.... short spurts of working-ness with about 15 or so minutes inbetween.
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    Code Update

    Oh yes, it needs it. Keep getting MySQL errored into oblivion. Kinda impossible for me to really use the site right now :(
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    New server - issue...

    *low whistle* That's quite a bit of moolah. Best wishes to ya for raising that amount of cash, sorry I can't really help (one of those times when being a minor can bite) Ok, not like I'd be able to help much anyways XD Still, best wishes to ya!
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    Your post would be far easier to read (in either language) if you took out the annoying dashes inbetween every word.
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    Da Introduction

    In my honest opinion, that's how an art site should be.
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    1 question. WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED?!

    In addition, it would be nice to see a little blurb on each admin or mod's page giving a general overview of their duties.
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    New style...

    It was rather on topic. Some of us would rather see the site's bugs fixed before the look of it is changed. Cosmetic changes need to come after securing the site. Is there a real need for a new layout? If memory serves, the site should be intact, no? With the layout preserved, correct? If...
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    FA user pages

    Legally, Arc can't do that. Let's just hope that people manage to get that through his rather thick skull.
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    Doesn't work if there isn't a front page to put the paypal link on. Of course, Jheryn could make a forum post to point people in the direction of the paypal link.
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    Might want to fix your image thingy there skippy. =p
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    A fresh start

    Well, Jheryn will have a backup of the entire site... all that remains is finding and paying for a server to host it on.