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    3 Most Disturbing Movies You've Ever Seen

    tbh I love the Human Centipede trilogy and my sense of humor is so fucked up that I can't take those movies seriously enough. They're really humorous if you manage to get over the shock value lol YES!! This is a good one, I just watched this for the first time a couple weeks ago and it was...
  2. nerv

    3 Most Disturbing Movies You've Ever Seen

    For me its 1. Salo/120 Days of Sodom 2. A Serbian Film 3. Philosophy of a Knife What are yours?
  3. nerv

    Chlorine Con stories?

    I thought furries liked being gassed
  4. nerv

    Curious : what draws you in a certain artstyle ?

    I see the same almost-anime-but-not-really homogenous PC art all over my feeds every day so the things that stand out are the exact opposite of that. To me, its sharp lines and intense vibrant colors with good contrast. That and unique subject matter. Like, the other day I found this one fetish...
  5. nerv

    What Are You Listening To?

    Just found this and I'm in fucking love
  6. nerv

    Firearm Owners In The Fandom?

    I used to have a 30'06 but the bolt broke. Now I just have a .22. I was trying to get back into clay pigeon shooting during the lockdowns but I live in CA and there was an ammo shortage when the riots hit... and when the weather was good enough to go shooting... I also used to reload ammo. It...
  7. nerv

    Did anyone becoming a furry start with...

    I started with Krystal from Starfox and Carmelita Fox from Sly. I like anthro art but I have a hard time actually declaring myself a "furry" because some people make it a weird sex thing. I'm just here for the art but I guess that still makes me a furry. Actual dog fuckers aside, furries are the...
  8. nerv

    Regreted Joining furry community

    I became a furry accidently when I was 9 and I googled pictures of Krystal from star fox and I've never been able to escape it I didn't chose the degenerate life lol, i probably need jesus
  9. nerv

    Post cute images of your fursona's species!

    shes a neopet lol
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    Sup losers

  11. nerv

    Sup losers

    Is it vodka?
  12. nerv

    Sup losers

    I'm new hi lol