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    Suiting at a Non-Furry con

    I've seen quite a few suiters at cons before, if anything they're pretty common. They mix in with the cosplayers pretty well and some count as a cosplay depending on the character (Pokemon, FNAF, etc.). I wouldn't be hesitant, cosplayers know fursuits are expensive, perhaps more than a good...
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    I've always been a hugger, even before I was a furry. I understand it's not everyone's preferred way of greeting people, but I personally love it. It feels a bit more genuine and personal, you know? Plus it helps someone like me come out of my shell more.
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    Opinion on Furry Porn?

    Not my thing, but I'm not going to cast any stones on those who enjoy it. We all have our kinks and some people get off on fur porn. No skin off my nose. (Shrug)
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    Any fans of Carl Barks?

    I remember seeing some of his work before thanks to YouTube, and I quickly became hooked. Barks is basically the Jack Kirby of Disney's comics, laying the foundation for stuff like Ducktales and the rest of the Duck universe. His stuff is pure gold, plain and simple.
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    Most annoying furry characters

    Bubsy, full stop. Just his very existence annoys me, like they were trying to make the next Sonic and failed miserably. His design's generic, his voice is cringy, his attitude comes off as a more grating, furry Deadpool (and I happen to love Deadpool) thanks to his terrible puns and incessant...
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    Musicians: Post your latest song submission!

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    FWA Car Break ins and Thefts Alert

    Kind of makes me glad I didn't go, but it also makes me worry for my friends who are up there. I pray none of them have been sacked.
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    Hey There

    Oh yeah, you're going to have some good times here! :D
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    Re-Selling Tail $20 + Shipping

    Not working for me either.
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    Furry Origin Stories

    Being a child of the 90s, there were a TON of anthro-based cartoons on TV both then current and old. Stuff like Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Sonic, Tiny Toon Adventures, Care Bears (Yes I watched Care Bears back then and I still do, quit laughing) and many more that I could sit here and name...
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    Not a huge fan of yiff here either. That's the crap that gives trolls ammo against us. I'm not saying if you like it you're wrong and should feel wrong, but I myself am not a big fan. Same with vore, I don't see what's appealing about being eaten/swallowed alive, and by extension, BDSM I never...
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    What took me so long...

    That bolded bit alone made me instantly love you. Huge wrestling nut over here. Welcome welcome welcome! "My partner is gonna shock the world because he is none other than SparXyWolf!"
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    Hey There

    Welcome! I'm a musician too, but I tend to stick around the rock/metal/pop spectrum, specializing in 80s. I play guitar, bass, learning drums, and synths.
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    I honestly haven't seen a lot, if any furry podcasts. Sounds interesting, and I've done a few general streams in the past (But not a weekly podcast deal)
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    Critique on Fursuit Head Construction so Far

    I love the use of plastic canvas as a skeleton. I might have to steal that idea. xD Looks great so far, man, keep it up.