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    "I could use some more info about leather falling apart/smelling foul after a while. I intend on buying a double strap leather collar from collarfactory.com soon, will wearing it around the house/to the store and whatnot make it fall apart?"

    Wearing it around the house will not make it fall apart.
    If you look after it properly, you should not worry about it falling apart.
    Leather care kits are a must to keep it clean and in good shape aswell.
    This might also be of use to you.
    Fedora: 15 GBP, Camden market.
    West German Army parka: 15 GBP, Camden market.
    Suit shirt: $10, Burlington coat factory.
    Tie: $5, Marshalls.
    Flecktarn pants: $10 (with Flecktarn jacket, not pictured) at a local Military Surplus store.

    Total price for getup: $59, +$30 for boots (not pictured) and glasses.

    And I didn't buy it all on the same day... I collected all those things over a period of about a year, and thought they'd look good together.
    Thanks but he isn't a dragon, his species is closer to lizards, but warm-blooded and some other differences....well, many actually....hard to explain, look at his reference sheet in my gallery to know more ^^

    And the title is a reference from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy :)
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