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  • It's funny because I somehow knew that your brain would go all gutter-minded. HAHA. I laughed when you posted that.
    Now that you mention hitting the hay, I might do that soon myself. It's almost 3:30 here (3:19 to be exact).
    Sorry about it. I can sometimes tend to cuss up a storm, especially when I'm mad. I try not to. :/ I'll watch my mouth more.
    Anyway, my Skype is rflcymbal13. I'm usually on when I get on my computer, but sometimes I don't pay attention to it unless I know I'll be getting messages out the wazoo. Excuse my pic on there too (I just took it and I don't look my best...).
    That's very chivalrous of you. I'll just tell you. I'm 21. Would you like a Skype name so maybe we could chat sometime while we're not on here?
    I'm both very social and love to be in a one-on-one. It honestly depends on who I'm with and what I'm doing. I don't like to be in a massive crowd (though it can't always be avoided), but I do enjoy having a few drinks with some friends from time to time. That reminds me, how old are you exactly?
    Side note-I got my Skype working now. It was a glitch in the system.
    I don't think I would be able to even consider an online degree. Plus, I find the crazy antics that some of the students do around here to be quite amusing. Especially after a hug win and such. I don't party a ton because of some bad experiences, but when I do, it's always with people I know and trust.
    That's why I don't wear them around the town a lot. That and, especially at school, drunk idiots will literally latch onto my tail if I'm wearing one when out on the town for too long. I'd rather not walk around a college campus with a bunch of drunken idiots following me around and possibly getting alcohol all over my tail. >.<
    I do wear them often, just not around town (unless I'm out with friends or having a night on the town--they get in the way otherwise).
    That's why I am hesitant on the fursuit idea as well. I feel like if I get one, I'll wear it once or twice and then never again. I feel that I can stick to getting ears and tails and such for now.
    I have a total of 6 tails (2 real-one silver and one red; 4 fake-2 black, one white and one red/orange), 4 sets of ears (headbands--same colors as the fake tails--black ones have white tips instead of black), and one set of "paw warmers" (they're like arm warmers, but with fleece on bottom and fur on top; they have paws on the palms). I also have a hoodie with fox ears and 3 winter hats with fox ears (one red fox and the other 2 black of silver fox with white tipped ears). I don't have anything in the way of a full fursuit, and I'm not sure if I'll make (or have someone make) me a full one yet or not. I may, but I probably won't use it at the Pittsburgh Anthrocon (if I go) because it's in the summer.
    The place I get all my fake tails and ears and such is a place called Pawstar (www.pawstar.com). They have all sorts of things and they're really easy to work with. If you get the money to get anything, I'd definitely recommend checking them out.
    The only reason I thought of how my fursona would look is because originally, I would be just a red fox. Then, I realized that I like silver fox coloration better. I have a tail and a set of ears that are red fox, so I decided to combine them and be different. What's weird though is the combination that I came up with has the red fox coloration in specific places that aren't the entirety of the ears of tail. I'd have to draw it out sometime and post it on here.
    Funny, my second fursona choice would have been a wolf. Maybe I will ask you. Although I know a TON of people near me who are big on computer science stuff, my most recent ex being one of them. (There's another funny story about him, but I'd rather not get into it--it is kinda funny though).
    I'm a fox--i.e. I get "spiced up" easily. And I'll figure out what the problem is. Hopefully I can get it back up and running before the summer. I intend to teach private tuba lessons and I'll need Skype for when I or my students can't make it to a designated place for a lesson. And, of course, to communicate with people that don't live near me. lol :p
    It got "spiced up" and others don't want to intrude. Or something like that. Oh and something I forgot to mention on my last post on here is that I used to have skype. It doesn't seem to want to work now. No idea if they want money or if my computer can't handle it or what. *shrugs*
    In some ways, yes they have, which I also enjoy. I accept personal questions. I feel that if others look back on some of those, they will either be scared or laugh. I'm curious to see if anyone else tries to reply within that thread (which I think one has tried once... once...)
    Same, but Christian. Either way, we follow Jesus.
    So, have you noticed that the post about the questions with the "furfag" answers has almost become completely between us? I find it rather humorous. Just saying.
    I'm classified as a soprano. Actual range is from low A below the treble clef staff to a high C above the treble clef staff (if you don't know what those are, please tell me). I make people nervous because I tend to take higher vocal parts in songs that my church does for worship. They'll only have me singing on a few songs because of it. :/
    I have a curious question as well-what denomination are you (Christian, Catholic, etc.--just generic is fine unless you want to tell me specific)?
    Here's a list: tuba, bass guitar, saxophone, clarinet, trombone, trumpet, flute, piano, percussion, oboe (not the best), recorder, and baritone/euphonium. Most of which are band instruments (well, almost all are).

    I don't get to play with guitarists much aside from the church group I'm in on my bass. Usually when they give me chords to song, I improvise a bass line of sorts. I usually get really intricate with it since I understand theory and such. I'll tell you one thing on bass that works it to learn what are called neighbor tones to certain notes (notes that, when played in a scale, are on either side of the note) and use those to lead up or down to whatever note you're going to (say-C, NT's are D and B). Make sense? Sort of?
    Well, my primary instrument is the tuba. I also love the bass guitar and percussion (I march cymbals in the drumline). I can play soooooo many. Do you want the entire list of instruments I can play?
    Hmm. I'm incredibly artsy in a lot of aspects. I draw and I'm a musician. I can sing and I play a variety of instruments (which sometimes makes me a nerd, but it's part of my major).
    The only inspiration I get from the web is styles, not so much on things like backgrounds and such. I do some drawings from the web (usually realistic things like animals and sometimes humans), but that's about as much as I get from the web. :/
    I know what you mean about being around the same few people. There are a lot of theaters and steakhouses near me wherever I am. So it seems anyway. I just need someplace new so I can get more inspiration for my drawing and music writing. I seem to be the most productive when I'm around new things or new people.
    I know that feeling. I was born and raised in Wheeling, WV, and I go to school in Morgantown, WV, but I would love to leave this state and live somewhere else. This state is beautiful (hence why it's called "Wild and Wonderful"), but I need adventure and something new and exciting.
    I would agree with you about them being majestic. Personally, I'm a fan of all wild canines, but fox fits my personality the best. So where exactly are you from? Just curious.
    I decided on fox because they're a smaller canine and I'm a kind of small person (I'm 5 ft 1 in tall). I also feel like the fox fits my personality. I'm sort of a non-typically colored fox (silver fox with some red markings). Sometime in the future I'll have some drawings of my fursona on here. What made you decide on Alaskan Grey Wolf?
    Hi! We had some post go back and forth on a forum for a bit, so I figured I'd say hello. I like the avatar/profile pic. It kind of reminds me of Balto (the movie, not the actual animal) and I was wondering if that was the idea behind the design?
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