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    FNaF fandom.

    I'm surprised no one's in here posting about FNAF4's gameplay videos.
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    FNaF fandom.

    You'd hate my FNAF playthrough then. Razzle went the whole game and didn't even get rushed by Foxy once. I feel like I owe the Foxy fans a foxy jumpscare video.
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    FNaF fandom.

    Time to recycle my version of the joke from Reddit. The kid walks to the right door, checks down the right hallway! Walks to the left door, checks down the left hallway! He goes back into the bed room. While Plushtrap giggles like a mad man! Kid checks on the bed and gets spooked by the...
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    Why Feminism is poisoning the gaming industry and why anita sarkeesian needs to stop.

    Re: Why Feminism is poisoning the gaming industry and why anita sarkeesian needs to s Unfortunately that's how people are wired. They think "Left = Good Right = Evil" and vice versa. Whichever one you run into more varies by location and website. Heck even after I told my grandma I was...
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    Dealing with Discouragement, or, "Nobody will ever read your anything."

    Also remember to go out and make your name known and heard. Too many people put things onto FA, wait for viewers to magically appear, and then complain when no one magically finds their stuff. Post it elsewhere! Make a DA, post on FB, make a Tumblr! Comment on art and watch others, and get...
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    Theological Mature Discussion anyone?

    I think it depends on the "System" so to speak. In the original teachings of Buddhism, one was only reincarnated if they hadn't ridded themselves of their negative karma. This bad karma kept one trapped in the never ending cycle of death and rebirth, the wheel of life. So no kids, in Buddhism...
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    Why Feminism is poisoning the gaming industry and why anita sarkeesian needs to stop.

    Re: Why Feminism is poisoning the gaming industry and why anita sarkeesian needs to s I wasn't aware that GamerGate was still concerned with Quinn. I thought they moved on to doing battle against the evil SJWs. Instead of, y'know, doing battle against the video game journalists that're selling...
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    Gamergate is a rabid hate group

    And it's not like the Anti-side was any better. Stories of doxxing, dissenters being harassed, and all kinds of other horrid things.
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    Finding A Fursona

    You could try out what I did when I came up with my blue rabbit sona. Back when Rocket City Furs had a market place in Second Life I checked out what avatars they had in stock, and they had a pretty decent selection. I let myself wander around til I found a sona I was drawn to. Well, it came out...
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    A newcomer to furry fiction, and colabs!

    Yeah as hup2thepenguin said, erotica is the easy way to get viewers and people noticing. I say write whatever you want though. You wanna do erotica? Cool, go for it. Feeling scifi/fantasy? That's cool too. I'm doing Sci/Fan myself, actually.
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    Relevant? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZk1yJ4_s7A
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    Pretty much. A friend and I were just talking about this whole "Coming Out" thing at the moment...which I think actually just adds to the stimga furries have. I mean think about it. You come out as a Warhammer 40k fan? A Dungeon Master? Cosplayer? Gamer? No? Well why do you come out as a furry...
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    Fursploitation: Furries: The Movie, Fursona Files, The Honey Cooler, and More

    For some reason I was reminded of "Nazi Werewolf Women of the SS".
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    Furry Stories aren't as good as non-furry?

    Here, have some advice from CS Lewis: "Even in literature and art, no man who ever bothers about originality will ever be original; whereas if you simply try to tell the truth (without caring two pence how often it has been told before) you will, nine times out of ten, become original without...
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    FNaF fandom.

    Well as I like to say, not everyone likes Art Rock.