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    Oldest Computers You Own

    Huh, I have a regular commodore 64 somewhere. In a box in the basement. Also an apple IIc. If I wasn't so lazy I might play with turtle graphics or something. The oldest computer I actually regularly USE however is a windows 98 version 1 one.
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    Block artist's art

    I doubt it's possible as it is. If blocking the user doesn't work, then whoever coded the website almost certainly didn't put in some OTHER block function with different properties from the first one, why would they go to the trouble to do that? Now if they're tagging their art as "adult" or...
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    Commissioning for stories?

    Well the thing is that writing is super easy and anyone can do it, so with it being such a commonplace ability, and with so much of it in existence already, why would anyone pay much of anything for it? It's definitely a buyer's market. You can't GIVE it away. If someone asks me if I have any...
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    Looking for recommendations

    Without even a clue about what you want, what kind of results can you hope for? You are welcome to look at my own profile and decide what you think of my writing for instance. If it's a super specific niche then it's likely to outside of my interests but you won't even provide the first part so...
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    Could you handle being a werewolf?

    I feel like this should be some grocery store's advertising campaign. "Come to Aldi's... because Kroger is INFESTED WITH DEADLY WEREWOLVES! HERE'S PROOF! Also, Walmart is infested with zombies. True fact."
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    [closed] request art from me

    Not just the aesthetics of the things you produce but the phenomenal speed with which you do it are astounding. These things could be, and usually are, very creepy, even when they're drawn well (like the last post from Basi) but nothing you've shown here that you've drawn has not been nice to...
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    New here and already looking for co-author [UPDATED & STILL LOOKING]

    I'm reminded of the best line from the movie "As Good As It gets", where the woman was so impressed by Jack Nicholson's character's female characters:
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    Why do you think furries are predominantly male?

    I think the set of anyone who has any specific thing unusual about them is predominantly male. This is because females have a lower standard deviation of all their characteristics (the measure of the average difference between the mean and the outcome), they're all basically cut from the same...
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    So I wrote a little something...

    So basically the old everyone turns into their costumes premise. It seems too specific for it to only work for furries though. Why would it work that way? If anything, it ought to transform everyone on Earth into more generally what they would like to be. You'd be sure to get a whole lot of...
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    Reporting a plagiarist.

    How do you know the plagiarist and the original author aren't the same person? He's not publishing his REAL NAME, right? It's just a username, like nitroglycerinewaffles, that's actually not my real name, if you can believe it, nor is that the only screen name I have ever used, and in FACT the...
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    Talk about a movie you've seen recently!

    I watched this, it was awesome, probably the only awesome thing I've seen in a year: The Hundred-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out of the Window and Disappeared (film) - Wikipedia It's basically an action film starring a 100 year old man who is very definitely not to be underestimated. Well the...
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    Let's write a story!!!

    "Spelling and grammar is encouraged greatly. Those who do not exercise proper spelling or grammar may or may not be cursed." - I hereby curse you with the curse of the mighty god Youreyour. From now on, whenever you try to type your or you're, you must type THE OPPOSITE of the one you WERE going...
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    here is the shameless plug for my own bad writing

    On this page: forums.furaffinity.net: Please Read This Before Posting it gives me a DEAD link to where I should go to advertise my work so I guess it's fair game to just do it here then. Just letting anyone know that your forum topic is deleted and you might want to modify that "read this before...
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    I don't get many views, is it because my writing is bad?

    It doesn't actually matter how good your writing is on this site I think. You'll see hundreds of views and many likes for some insipid fanfiction with no talent behind it, as long as it is riding on the coattails of some popular thing that there exists entirely too much fanfiction of already...