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    Notepad: Commission Writing Open: First 4 slots for 40 bucks under 4000 words.

    Opening up commissions for my writing skills so it's first spot first surf for my furry homies. I write both pornos and non-pornos for all furry kind. The First 4 homies can get their stories written for 40 bucks under 4000 words if you have characters or a setting that interested me? I will...
  2. nitwit

    (Commission) Selling: ($35+) Commissions Opened for Writing: (First 4 people get 4000 words for $40)

    Today I'm thinking of opening commissions for April of this month. I will only allow 4 people to commission me money to write their stories. No matter if it's lewd or otherwise. I will write only under 4000 words and the price will be 40 bucks. I really want to focus on story including writing...
  3. nitwit

    Hiring: ($35+) Looking for NSFW Writer for a Story of 6000 Words ($35-60) (CLOSED)

    NSFW stories? Cool! Can I accept your commission? I write good pornos
  4. nitwit

    Free Art: Lemme Draw Your Characters

    I got some characters fam. I think you could try out one of my girls. :D Her name is Shandis and she is raccoon gal. Do some nice NSFW art of her if you want. :)
  5. nitwit

    Unique and interesting characters for sale~

    Cute OCs. But I have no money to buy them sadly. :(
  6. nitwit

    nanabun's colored chibi/kemonomimis! (NSFW added)

    This looks cool. But I'm low at cash at the moment. :(
  7. nitwit


    nitwit on Toyhouse My OC Nitwit. Draw him if you like. :)
  8. nitwit

    3d Custom Models and Animations

    WOW! That's amazing!
  9. nitwit

    ★Free Ink Sketches★ NSFW requests OK!

    Will do! You are a wonderful artist. :D
  10. nitwit

    ★Free Ink Sketches★ NSFW requests OK!

    nitwit on Toyhouse I hope you are alright withdrawing my OC Nitwit. :)
  11. nitwit

    Free Line Art : Need practice drawing the stuff!

    Here's my OC Nitwit. nitwit on Toyhouse I hope you are okay with his design. :D
  12. nitwit

    Free Line Art : Need practice drawing the stuff!

    Sounds interesting. Would love to see your take on my OCs. :)
  13. nitwit

    Headshots/Busts | OPEN

    I would love to see what a design of Nitwit would look like in your style. :) [/spoiler]
  14. nitwit

    No fetish / kink limits! Commissions open!

    Lovely commission work. I'll keep that in mind when commissioning your work.
  15. nitwit

    Let me write for you ♡

    Golly! That sounds amazing. But I'm folk outta money sadly. :( Maybe when I get paid big cash. I could commission a one-shot from you based on one of my OCs. Hopefully, it would take too long until Mother's Day. :)