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    todays reason euthanizing me might be an o.k. thing.

    i was trying to convey that with this degree of faggotry running through my brain, it might benefit society as a whole to just put me down before i end up at a walmart wearing a home made tail buying a pinkie pie and k.y.
  2. nobu

    todays reason euthanizing me might be an o.k. thing.

    being bored at work with this song http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cED229UCsUo stuck in my head , i managed to change the chorus to "yiff me, knot me, pull my tail."
  3. nobu

    Dreams thread

    I keep having a recurring dream that theres an all night arcade (with real arcade games!) that i keep going to after work, and the dude that works there always wears a tail and ears. Street fighter alpha, time crisis, and a furry, its like my own personal heaven.
  4. nobu

    Meaning in the name?

    I stole it from this guy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oda_Nobunaga during a weaboo phase because he sounded badass, and eventually shortened it to just Nobu.
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    I've always loved the name Salieri.
  6. nobu

    Major Life Events Left You Here

    You sir, are my hero.
  7. nobu

    anyone else have a single permanent fursona?

    As i've mentioned before (but im sure no one remembers:p) Nobu has been my alter ego for about 16 years now, and beyond a few tweaks he's been the same for damn near the whole time. Anyone else hold their 'sona as dear as i do, or is it more of a transient thing for you?
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    I'm petrified that i'm annoying the hell out of my friends and no one will tell me.
  9. nobu

    Has losing work to Walmart left you in suicidal depression?

    no but working there has.
  10. nobu

    Some questions

    I guess it was like 15 years ago i was hiking, which i did constantly at the time, i was in an area that no one ever went and i walked up on a fox. We both just sorta stood there and looked at each other for like 30 seconds. i was intrigued because up to that point every wild animal i had...
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    No so young furries

    Little late but im creeping up on 30 fairly quick like
  12. nobu

    Can someone explain this?

  13. nobu

    What do you WANT to do?

    Dream job? fixing stuff, be it machines, situations, anything. Dream life? Think the original kung fu series, only you know, no erotic asphyxiation at the end.
  14. nobu

    giant f**king stuffed panda

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000ZA5J6U + http://www.fleshlight.com/original-fleshlights/ + http://www.knife.com/product_p/lt830144.htm - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dignity = request
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    How important is your alias?

    I touched on this the other night in a conversation and have been pondering it at length, how important is your alias (online or otherwise) to you? I've been nobu in a hundreds of different places in the last 16 or so years and its as important to me as my given name, as a matter of fact more so...