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    Furry Legos!

    Sorry to bump a thread that's been inactive for almost a month, but LEGO uploaded a rather mind-melting promotional music/dance video for the theme this morning, and I thought you guys might get a kick out of it, provided you don't become physically ill...
  2. Not-a-DJ

    Your happiest moment in fandom

    When I had just found out about the fandom, and had not yet had my mind scarred by poorly phrased Google Images searches.
  3. Not-a-DJ

    What kind of furry art do you like most?

    Well, I just like art in general... But if I have to choose out of these, and I do, my vote goes for sci-fi.
  4. Not-a-DJ

    How did you end up in this fandom and what makes you stay?

    "How did you end up in this fandom" Webcomics. "and what makes you stay?" ... Um. Art I suppose? (And by that I mean the clean somewhat cartoony kind of art that got me into it in the first place.)
  5. Not-a-DJ

    Too young for the fandom!?

    I was 13 when I got into the fandom, too... But I also was just in a Skype group chat tonight where a 13-year-old essentially got kicked out after spamming stuff about yiff and general rule 34, so... :\
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    The moon what do think of when you see it?

    "My goodness, that pebble is freaking huge!"
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    A furries wepon of choice

    So you can give people an arrow in the kne- *shot*
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    Fun game to play with furries... "Get Mated!"

    ... This fandom. Just... This fandom...
  9. Not-a-DJ

    LEGO furries fighting in animal shaped weaponized vehicles.

    The TV series has been confirmed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFITk8HHHhM
  10. Not-a-DJ

    LEGO furries fighting in animal shaped weaponized vehicles.

    Some new teaser images have popped up on the official website: http://cache.lego.com/r/chima/-/media/Franchises/Chima/Teaser/Images/image_week49.jpg http://cache.lego.com/r/chima/-/media/Franchises/Chima/Teaser/Images/image_week48.jpg Sounds like they're working on action figures of the...
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    Your Level Of Infatuation Towards Furry Fandom - How Far?

    It started out with just reading a webcomic or two... Now I'm a member of several forums, read more webcomics, and I'm on the FA mainsite where I favorite stuff daily. This fandom just keeps on sucking me in. At this rate I'll be buying art and visiting conventions by 2015. >_<
  12. Not-a-DJ

    avatar help

    MS Paint worked pretty darn well for my avatar.
  13. Not-a-DJ

    LEGO furries fighting in animal shaped weaponized vehicles.

    Looks like one of the minifigures is already on eBay somehow: http://www.ebay.com/itm/100-Authentic-Lego-Legend-Chima-Crow-Minifigure-BRAND-NEW-Wings-Minifig-/271085722429?pt=Building_Toys_US&hash=item3f1df7db3d And, to people saying they're too old for LEGO and stuff - just so you know, LEGO...
  14. Not-a-DJ

    anthrocon checklist

    Perhaps a U-Haul to bring back any purchases?
  15. Not-a-DJ

    LEGO furries fighting in animal shaped weaponized vehicles.

    Pictures of 2013 LEGO sets have been showing up around the internet now. The basic premise of one of the new themes, Legends of Chima, is that there's a bunch of plastic blocky furry characters using one wheeled animal shaped motorcycles and larger vehicles also shaped like animals to battle...