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    Should animal abuse be punishable by prison time?

    I'd assume we cannot punish animal abuse by law, because the consumers want their cheap daily meat. And to produce that much meat for cheap induces heavy animal abuse. Then, if we actually had real, strict rules against animal abuse, the consumers would be the ones whinning about it, as they...
  2. NotSafeForCat

    Character/Fursona storage website ?

    Thanks a lot for your reply! So, ToyHouse would be okay with feral porn? I was afraid this would be a bit too much for TH as many people will wrongly assume that feral porn = zoophile. But if they're okay with that kind of porn, then ToyHouse sure is the best website to store characters :D
  3. NotSafeForCat

    Character/Fursona storage website ?

    Hello, Wasn't sure in which forum to post this, I hope it is fine here. I'm looking for a place to store my characters, with their informations (background, personality...) and all of their pictures (including stuff that wasn't drawn by me). Basically, I'm looking for something like ToyHouse...
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    Coloring lineart for you free of charge

    Hello! would you colour in freelines as well? Or only our own art?
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    Too many canids?

    We literally evolved to relate to dogs. Then, yes, most people are going to relate to dogs more than camels. And there's nothing wrong with that.
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    I was about to ask that same question. I do not mind being asked lots of things or having to message the admins though. I just want some NSFW servers to discuss and share my WIPs, as I obviously can't post them in facebook :D
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    Hiring: Looking for NSFW artists, 15-35$!

    Hello I'm open for commissions! You can see my NSFW art here : Userpage of NotSafeForCat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net For two characters, I would ask for $40.
  8. NotSafeForCat

    Searching for NSFW artist

    Hello I'm currently open for commissions, and I'm open to many NSFW things. I don't have NSFW feral examples yet (I can show SFW examples though), but I'm willing to do some pieces for cheap to build my gallery. You can see my NSFW art here : Userpage of NotSafeForCat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    LF active (NSFW) roleplay

    Hello I haven't roleplayed for years, but I'd like to go back into it, being SFW or NSFW roleplay (though I'd admit I'm mostly looking for NSFW). I am not a native English speaker, then I might do some mistakes, and I am not able to write in an elaborate and complex manner. I am not much keen...
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    [NSFW-SFW] Looking for 1x1 rp partners

    Hello Are you still looking?
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    Art Trade: Looking to do NSFW Art Trade

    Hello I need practise too! I'd be interested in a trade. Artwork Gallery for NotSafeForCat -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
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    Human boi looking for RP (Always active)

    Hello This might be interesting? I'm not exactly sure what you are looking for, though. Something more like a domestic horse, or are you trying to tame some wild dragon ?
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    What's something simple you've done that you're proud of?

    Today, I took the thrash bag out.
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    Should young artists of the age of consent be allowed to draw NSFW and post without consequence?

    I don't mind kids drawing porn, we all had "inadequate" games, I just don't want them to share it with adults.
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    What made you finally accept you were a furry?

    Accepting to enjoy cute animal cartoon characters, or to create anthro characters beside my human characters, was not an issue at all. And I do not see why it should be an issue. What was really difficult to accept to me, was to actually be somewhat attracted by anthropomorphised animals. It...